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Maplewood is a great place to live for students, young professionals and families. It's an affordable, safe, and friendly community.
Maple wood residents don’t have the sensibilities to survive much longer as a viable business and/or family community where they are located. Right now, maplewood is barely hanging on as a fringe destination for restaurant goers (and, maybe, boutique shopping). It won’t take much for the crime grime to grind ‘em down, I’m afraid.
Fantastic location in St. Louis; Very central to all parts. Easy access to both 44 and 64/40 and even 170. The maplewood strip contains many restaurants & bars, 2 breweries, a hardware store, a grocery store, book store, leather store, and many other shopping stores. Very close to Forest Park, the Galleria Mall, Washington University of St. Louis, Barnes Jewish Hospital, The Loop, the Grove, on and on; a wonderful location.
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It is progressing everyday. The schools are very good, small class sizes and offer a rigorous curriculum. Although there are a lot of bars, it's hard to find live music.
Great area to walk around and go to shops/restaurants in town. There are plenty of new places to try and still have more to explore the next time.
I have spent the majority of my life being a part of the Maplewood community as a student. The schools in Maplewood are fantastically staffed and have a special interest on not just the needs of the individual, but the cultivation of healthy, lasting relationships. In recent years, Maplewood has gained many exciting restaurants and businesses, each special in their own way. Now, downtown Maplewood is bustling with people nearly every day. Maplewood is small, much smaller than other towns, but it is full of life, culture, and opportunity. I feel very fortunate to have grown up in such an enlightening town.
There is always something to, close enough to downtown, but far enough to feel safe. Neat neighborhood with everything I need within arms length.
The thing I like most about Maplewood is Downtown Maplewood. It is an area filled with privately owned stores and restaurants. It is a great hang out place with many things to do! I also love the variety of stores like CVS and the Shop n Save (now becoming Schnucks) so that all my last minute needs are within minutes of my house. I like how open Maplewood is to public opinions and ideas of ways to improve the county. It's a great community feeling!
I have lived here for 2 years now and absolutely love it! There is a safe feel to the neighborhood with up and coming bars and restaurants surrounding. There is a lot to do and lots of places to see!
Maplewood is a great place for young families and newlyweds as there is a lot of stuff to do for young people. The crime could be lower but overall I don't feel unsafe. Maplewood has great racial and economic diversity because although it is a small area the homes sizes and quality varies greatly.
I have grown up in Maplewood, and currently live there again. The downtown has been revitalized, and the school system has as well. A very nice place to live and to walk the neighborhoods. Also conveniently located near the major highways for commuting. Also very close to Forest Park.
I grew up in three different houses all on the same street in Maplewood. Every Monday and Friday morning my best friend and I would walk a three mile path around the outskirts of Maplewood and end at Foundation Grounds to have some especially delicious hot chocolate (or otherwise tasty beverage) and finish whatever homework was assigned for that day. I miss living there.
Revival of old housing. Historic District. There are some cool places to eat and breweries to visit. Maplewood has good schools and a nice recreation complex. Maplewood is always renewing itself.
I love living in Maplewood in Missouri. There is a lot of stores and restaurants nearby. There is a lot of amenities to enjoy in Maplewood. Maplewood is a very quiet and safe area to live in. Maplewood is very unique. I would recommend Maplewood for people who want to experience the best that Missouri has to offer.
The local law enforcement has connected with community members and neighborhood watches are popping up all over.
I love living in Maplewood! Small town feel while still being close to the city. Maplewood has excellent restaurants, cafes, shops, and parks. Housing is so affordable and the school district is inclusive and improving.
Rarely any crime or mischievous acts happen.
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A nice small community in the St. Louis area, that houses many local businesses!
Really good neighborhood, nice peope, good local stores.. close to transportation.
The community is peaceful. They are a lot of pets and kids around. Its a community for family and singles. They are places for families and for single people. I love the both of the libraries.
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