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Poorly managed township, no municipal services, high property taxes, high crime, lots of nuisances yet over regulated and policed, unlivable. Township elected officials pull tricks on property owners like selling pipeline rights under yards w/o any public notice...very shady,
Traffic is terrible. The traffic light going towards Charlestown rd beside the park barely gives you time to turn your car before the light changes back to red.
MANOR TOWNSHIP, LANCASTER COUNTY IS A DUMP!!! This is the worst place anyone - single or family - could EVER live!!! There is nothing to do, unresponsive and corrupt police, equally corrupt township supervisors, no emergency services, restaurants are all fast food, poor city planning including no sidewalks, traffic nightmares every day, high taxes, poor schools, holier-than-thou attitudes from uneducated hypocrites, no diversity, no jobs, no shopping, no culture, library, museums, etc., outrageous property tax increases every year with NO accountability, a TON of crime - especially against women and children. There is not one single reasons to EVER live, work, play or spend one single dime of your hard-earned money in this dump. The positive reviews on this site were no doubt, bought and paid for by the township. Manor Township is, truly, HELL ON EARTH!
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I like the fact that there is a park and two ball fields right down the street from my house. I go to the public library in my free time and go to the gym that is also in Manor. I don't like how empty some of the town is.
Manor two is a nice quiet country area. It's very family friendly and the police force is always visible.
This is an amazing town. We are nicely placed near big cities like Philadelphia and Baltimore, but the rural farmland is nice to see too. Everything is within driving distance. This is a great place to live!!
No crime occurs in our neighborhood.
It's a quite, safe neighborhood with all different things to do for different age groups.
It's getting worse in the city. I just stay out of the city at night time. Only go to the safe parts.
There's not a lot to do, but it is safe if you stay out of the city. The city is not safe anymore. Lots of shootings.
it is a terrible place
There are a lot of differing restaurants here that are great to eat at. Most are very family friendly
Most people are farmers in this area. Most people are able to find a job in an area that suits them.
There is a good mix of independently owned businesses and big companies. You can get everything you need in this area
We have a nice variety of different ethnic foods. We also have a variety of fast food and fine dinning.
We have a nice variety of family own shops and big corporate businesses.
Where I live I hear a lot of sirens, so I think that the cops are doing their jobs.
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I think the employment opportunities are good considering that Lancaster is not a big or major city.
The Employment in my area is a bit tough.Finding jobs in Lancaster Pa involves more of an agricultural jobs.
The Local Businesses in my area are moderately developed.Lot's of people get what they need out of these Businesses.Giant, Rite aid, and McDonald give people opportunity to enjoy themselves.I usually don't get what I need here because I don't have money.My family is an immigrant.We have a hard life, my mom works very hard to keep the house running.My dad doesn't care about providing me and my family.I need an opportunity to do great things in the future.I still love the Local Businesses in my area, even if I don't get involved with them.
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