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Manitowoc is my hometown, so a part of me will always love it. I have lived away for over 4 years now, and I see it much differently and maybe more accurately.

The pros: beautiful lakeshore, small community feel, friendly residents, outdoor recreation, very little traffic, close to other metropolitan areas, interesting history (Mirro, shipbuilding), gorgeous historic homes and buildings, affordable home prices, good schools.

The cons: jobs mostly in the manufacturing sector, not a lot of entertainment, a dying downtown (despite what the mayor says), some small town/small minded attitudes towards diversity and progressive views, drug issues (which seem to be most places these days) and the increase in crime that comes with it.

I feel like Manitowoc has so much potential, but it will never be realized, sadly. It’s a very cliquey town and seems stuck in its ways. A place I have fond memories of, but can’t imagine ever making my home again.
Overall, I love Manitowoc. I have lived in the Manitowoc area my entire life and I could not imagine growing up anywhere else. It is a very family-oriented town and has been the location that my fiance and I decided to raise our family.
Manitowoc, my home town is a very small and quiet city, there is no nightlife meaning that there is no one making the city at night feel incredible. The morning is very bland everyone justs works and there really is not much community walking around, there are small community groups but as a whole, it doesn't feel like a fun place to live. I would love to see more life in Manitowoc, more people roaming around, more big parks, more places to hang out at. I want the city to live loud not die queit.
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Manitowoc is a friendly place in which I grew up. The support I have received from the community as well as Lincoln High School has been exemplary. Manitowoc is a wonderful city to raise a family and be involved in the community.
I would like there to be more recreational activities for adults. Other than the newly opened Strand Adventures, there isn't a whole lot for adults to do.
Manitowoc is a great small town to raise your kids in. The schools are great, the cost of living is wonderful, and if you want access to larger town shopping you can drive 45 minutes to Green Bay, about an hour west to the Fox Valley, or just over a half an hour to Sheboygan. For airports, you only need to drive about 45 minutes north to Green Bay, or 90 minutes to Milwaukee.
This is a small quiet city with a great view of Lake Michigan. The school is greatly involved with the community but for younger adults, there may not be enough stimulation such as recreational areas like the mall. The local restaurants are diverse and the local Laos store makes amazing food!
I moved to manitowoc from Phoenix, Arizona and Manitowoc is an excellent city to move to for those trying to escape city life and settle down with a little peace and quiet.
Manitowoc is a small and conservative community. It has many restaurants but not as many retail options. Furthermore, it suffers from drug and human trafficking problems.
Manitowoc has all the amenities of a big city condensed into a small, family-friendly lakefront city. The location offers things to do at low cost, including outdoor activities, shopping and diverse dining experiences. There is also a two-year university for those wishing to continue on towards higher education. There are many scenic desitinations, offering views of agriculture, woods and beaches.
Overall I like living in Manitowoc, the city isn't too big, it's not that hard to get around in a timely manor. I do love the school my son is in, they are a great school and keep the kids doing fun things but also learning a lot. My son loves to go to school everyday, and this was always a fear of mine. One thing I wish we had was more things to do. We have a few things for kids to do, such as a water park, mini golf and roller skating. For adults we have mostly restaurants, and a little bit of shopping.
Living in Manitowoc my whole life, I always enjoyed the size of the town because it is not to large where you have to drive far to get to the places you want to go and its not too small where there isn't any diversity in the activities to do. Though Manitowoc appears to be a small town, there is so much for you to do in such a town!
What I like about Manitowoc is that it's a small town and safe to live in. There are a lot of nice people and good jobs to work at and other things like that. What I want to change in Manitowoc is having more places to hang out for the teens. Or having events for everybody can join and have some fun, along with building a mall and other cool things we can do to keep the children out of trouble.
It used to be that Manitowoc was one of the safest towns in the state. However, in recent years, the town has diminished in every way possible. Jobs have outsourced to other areas of the world, homes are dilapidated, school systems are poor, and there are worries about safety each and every day and night. Even though I always had that "small town" mentality of "wanting to get out", I always knew that Manitowoc would always be a backup plan. I don't see it in the same light now.
Very friendly community. With lots of activities and events for adults and children. also lots of hobbies to enjoy like hunting, fishing, trapping, kayaking, and swimming in the lake or water park. There is a public zoo, the library, and a teen center for the children.
My experience here in Manitowoc, WI has been good for the past 17 years. Some things I love about Manitowoc is: Lake Michigan, Jenns Java, Jade's Fusion Bistro, Farmer's Markets, night markets, and the Manitowoc Public Library. There are many different restaurants to try from and many places to relax and have a good time.
Manitowoc is hardly the worst of where I've lived throughout this country. However, there's a lot about it that needs improvement. As of August 2018, there are unsightly vacant lots, businesses that come and go, and an unkempt downtown that looks a bit dilapidated. There's also amazing food downtown, one of the coolest shops I've ever been to (The Mad Hatter), and a very pretty beach with a wonderful lighthouse. Manitowoc has a decent amount of retail stores, affordable rent, and isn't too far from Green Bay/Brown County. It's not a bad place to but, but there are better towns/cities within 30 minutes.
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Manitowoc is a smaller city with a lot of opportunities for people of all ages. The schools are good and the teachers are wonderful. The city is located right next to Lake Michigan and the road along side of the lake makes for a beautiful drive. The houses in Manitowoc are affordable and there are houses for people of all income levels with the inner city houses and the houses on the lake.
I've lived here for 16 years. Feel really safe. Real estate taxes are high considering property values. Very good private parochial schools. 20 to 30 minutes away North or South to reach a metropolitan area. City has decent shopping and dining options.
Manitowoc is a very friendly city great for starting a family. It is a very friendly community where you can go to the store and see someone you know frequently. This is a very safe community with great resources for the community.
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