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Manhattan is a beautiful city that never sleep. The most iconic landmark are Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Time Square, and Central Park.
I love living in the city. The city is full of opportunities and people from around the world. Living in the city is expensive but it is worth it.
Going to Manhattan may be costly, however there are many opportunities waiting for you in the city. There are many restaurants as well as great universities within the heart of Manhattan. NYC is very diverse. From china town to Harlem, you'll find different types of people.
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I love that there's Harlem in Manhattan because there's lots of black history. I a lot love that there are lots of diverse people that live here, there are Hispanics and black/Africans who live here. I also love that there's times square, a wonderful place to do do anything and just visit at night because of the beautiful lights that brightens up the city. One of the complaints i do have about Manhattan is that stores here can be more expensive then other borough.
Best City in the World. It's got at least one of every kind of thing you can imagine. No matter your mood, aesthetic, or vibe, there is a place for you. You can count on the energy of the city to lift you up or pull you down, just when you need it. Its a city whose roots delve deep below the subway, and hopes rise high above the clouds.
In love the area. Everything is so accessible and close by even public transportation there are always options.
this place is way too crowded, not a great place to be in the time of coronavirus. this is abc123 you and me girl.
I love living in Manhattan - there's so much to do and see. It can be expensive and there are a lot of jerks, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.
I love living in the heart of the world. There's always something to do and places to see. It's very diverse here, expensive too.
I live in manhattan and I love it, I definitely recommend to all younger kids to see this place, its the best place to be. It does not feel like America this very diverse city you will get to meet literally everyone from different countries and experience communication, get to know Coulter, if you can make it in new york city you will make anywhere. You have here many colleges, private ones as will new york is huge. Every weekend you can find something to do, go hang out with friends or see different neighborhoods. If you like to work part-time new york will give you chance to work anywhere any hours, have tons of jobs, all you need is want to .
Manhattan is a wonderful place to make connections, live independently and meet new people. The real-estate is incredible steep which makes it a difficult borough to find adequate housing in. The night life is superb with lavish clubs restaurants and lounges. The community education and outreach could be much stronger to support minorities living here.
Manhattan is really the city that never sleeps. City of bright lights. Endless view of sightseeings, shops, museums, and nightlife.

Subway trains and buses are always running. Real estate affordability and the overall cost of living are the biggest downsides of living in Manhattan.
It has many wonderful and luxurious places to live in and place to see. Manhattan is the heart of the city.
It contains a wonderful collage of cultures that spreads a wide variety of cultural features such as; food, beliefs; values; music; athletic activities; moral and among others that allow us to empower each other and learn as well.
Manhattan is a world where people grind daily to make something of themselves, or have enough money to settle themselves and generations of family to come. The balance between talent and traditional, conventional and creative, fast paced and fast changing. A mix like no other, I love every bit.
I love Manhattan because of diversity. You learn to understand many walks of life and cultures, and the artist community is alive!
It's a city with a lot of culture and many activities to do, places to eat, etc. There are many great schools there for kids to attend and a very large amount of jobs for all fields. Many clubs/sports are accessible and probably exist in Manhattan.
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Manhattan is the center of it all with diverse culture and people. With a more accepting group of people it's easy to fit in.
Manhattan is where I have grown up in and has showed me that life has so many things to offer. You just need to believe that you will succeed in life.
Manhattan is an extraordinary environment that allows one to view the many wonders of the city, and history of New York. It is one of the most ecstatic and lively places to live, and you can never get bored here. There are thousands of activities that can be done, millions of unique places to eat, and more. Everyone in Manhattan is super busy and quick, and make the most out of every place they live next to!
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