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I have always enjoyed living in Mamaroneck. It is a very quiet and nice suburb. However, I do often get bored since there are not many things to do within Mamaroneck; I usually have to go to nearby towns around Mamaroneck or to NYC for more fun activities. I do enjoy going on runs around the area like at the park at the harbor. However sometimes, as a young woman, it can seem a bit scary sometimes to run or go out alone.
I know that living in New York, in particular in Westchester County, is very expensive, which is a downside to living in Mamaroneck or any of its nearby towns. In addition, although I go to a private school, the public schools in Mamaroneck seem to be very good and have a lot of opportunities for students.
Overall, it is a nice place to live.
Generally a decent place to grow up but a normal quiet boring town after a while. Good place for small kids but not that much to do.
Mamaroneck is a quaint town with lots of local life. The school system is extremely good and anyone would feel safe walking around mamaroneck. The harbor is extremely family friendly especially on weekends!
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i like mamaroneck because its a nice town outside nys and is by the water. i would like to see more town activities and more nightlife.
Safe area, friendly neighbors, good schools. There is a lot to do including restaurants and Harbor Island Park. Very dog friendly. A lot of business opportunities.
I like the fact that Mamaroneck is ethnically diverse but Mamaroneck could be better at helping and including its poorer and minority citizens. I wish more people at my school and in my community were involved in helping people.
Mamaroneck is great place to live. Everything about the area is top notch. It is very safe and great for families. I went to the local public schools and they are fantastic. It is a bit expensive but it does seem worth. Commuting to the city is easy with the metro north but it does take time. People are extremely accepting of one another here and it is an amazing by all accounts.
I'd like to see more events in the town from the local municipalities. The existing ones are very nice, but are spread too fa and few between for my tastes.
The Village of Mamaroneck is an amazing place to raise a family. We have amazing schools, parks, the beach, and NYC is only a short train ride away. You don’t need to travel far for amazing restaurants either . They call Mamaroneck the “dining Mecca if Westchester”. Mamaroneck has a wide range of housing prices for all types of families. I find the town pretty diverse. Aside from the typical “white” family, there is a large European presence and the Hispanic presence is bountiful as well. There is always something to do. It is a safe community with no crime rates. The people are very friendly and your neighbors are like family. People don’t leave this area.
vibrant downtown with wonderful restaurants and shops, Emelin Theatre, Harbor Island park and beach, block parties, parades, 4th of July fireworks, outdoor concerts and movies, sport programs for all ages and so much more…
Highly rated school district, diverse population both in nationality and economic levels. Walkable with Metro North train station, great restaurants and water views and beach. Great for runners and dog lovers.
The water is gorgeous and enlivening, the schools are excellent, the trains to Midtown Manhattan take 35 minutes and the strip on Mamaroneck Ave is bumping with restaurants and stores. Plus Sals pizza is there.
Lots of restaurants and outdoor activities to keep you entertained, both for the single or young married couple looking to have some fun or those looking for something family friendly.
Really amazing Westchester town! Cool downtown area with lots of unique shops and great restaurants. A dense city like feel but very safe with good vibes. A very short drive or train from NYC and situated right on the Sound. Fun place to be.
Mamaroneck is a great town. It is located near the Long Island Sound with a beautiful harbor, with many trees and open fields. It has the best downtown of any town in Westchester, if not New York. It has a high quality of restaurant selections from pizza, various different asian restaurants, French, BBQ, Irish Pub, Indian and many more. The schools system is great. I would recommend raising your family there.
Good schools. Snobby residents. If you don't belong to a country glub the members act like they don't know you
The neighborhood is pretty safe nothing crazy happens around here.
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If I could choose to live here again I would because I love the area. Westchester, is a great county filled with a lot of things to do. MY favorite part is that you are so close tot he city that you can visit whenever you want and a lot of people don't have that privilege. At the same time, people from Westchester are not exposed to the rumbling that comes with New York City. Overall, I love where I live and I would love to live here again in the future.
I haven't personally encountered any crime in the area, and I've never found myself in a dangerous or uncomfortable situation. However, I will say that the police are very responsive to calls or complaints, attending to the neighbor's needs and making sure situations are under the control and safe for everyone.
The general vibe of the neighborhood is friendly. It's clean, quiet, and relaxing. It is well kept and very safe. Our school systems are also very good. The town is also convenient to the train station and bus stations that will take you into New York City or White Plains, where most larger stations are located. I would definitely live here if I had a choice to start over. The only downside of this neighborhood would probably race/ethnic diversity since most of the population is Caucasian or Hispanic. Overall, this is a great neighborhood that is perfect to raise a family in.
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