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Malden is a decent community close to Boston. There are many good restaurants especially in the downtown area known as Malden Square. It's close to Route 1 and I-93 with easy access to Boston by car or by train, with the orange line having stops at both Malden Center and Oak Grove. Malden has its fair share of crime, but I still feel pretty safe here. The neighborhoods near the Melrose and Medford lines are very nice and quiet. Two few personal favorites of mine are Belmont Hill (Around High/Hancock Street near the Everett Line) and Forestdale (East of Main Street near the Melrose Line). Malden is very racially diverse with a lot of immigrants. There are a few "bad areas" of Malden but they aren't even that bad and are mostly near downtown.
I feel that Malden really isn't as diverse as many would say. Yes although we have different types of people from all different ethnicity however it is just that. Each group really just stays in their comfort zone just as they do in Malden High. There really isn't a variety of shops mainly just Asian food and tons of bubble tea store.
It's relatively affordable in comparison to other neighboring towns and communities. Very diverse! Nightlife is varied, lots to do downtown and lots of restaurants that are excellent. It's in the process of being built up and the community will change as it gets more expensive and people get priced out much like other towns
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Overall friendly neighborhood not much movement in the areas. The nightlife is enjoyable and relaxing. Safety overall is very well and many resources along with transportation is fine.
been living in malden for three years. I feel comfortable asking my peers and teachers for help. Live and work in this city. I really enjoy the neighborhood. I am an IEP student that didnt feel comfortable asking for help but when I moved to Malden that all changed. The teachers reached out to me even when I didn't want them to. They helped me along the way and made me realize I could achive my goals. I studied extremly high and went from SPED classes to honor class to then a student in a college class during my senior year of high school. At times i wanted to quit but my teachers helped me to recognize my disabilties and they worked with meto pull my grade up.
I've lived in Malden during my childhood, and adult years and have nothing but positive things to say about the City. I have never encountered any threats or unsafety events, and I would feel very comfortable putting my kids in their public schools in the future. Malden is a friendly and very diverse City.
It is a great town with convenience to access of both buses and subways. There is property tax deductions for homeowners and the property tax is also reasonable. Malden is also a diverse town with people from all cultures and races. The community is friendly and there are multiple parks in all directions within Malden. The crime rate is also low and Malden is a relatively very safe neighborhood with little crimes.
Malden is a very nice place to live. There is easy access to transit services and easy to travel into Boston. There are nice neighborhoods. There are a variety of restaurants and grocery stores. The main square is being revitalized.
Malden may not be one of the most developed of places, but it really feels like home. The people here are amazing, loving, and come from all around the world. Malden High School is the most diverse high school in Massachusetts, and being able to attend there has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I am not very unique or diverse myself, but being surrounded by all different cultures and seeing people celebrate their countries makes me so happy. I have been incredibly blessed to grow up in this wonderful city surrounded by such a diverse population of wonderful people. In addition, the Malden Public School system has been able to work wonders with relatively small funding. The staff throughout the schools are incredible, and almost every one of them is dedicated to the students' learning and many of them have changed my life for the better. I am impressed every day by the environment around me living in Malden, Massachusetts. It is a wonderful city.
I believe Malden is a great place to live in especially if you want to take a break from the busy city life of of Boston. Everywhere you go there's a great diversity of places to eat. In the heart of Malden you can find everything within a reasonable distance as well as great places to eat for cheap. You can get to experience a celebration of different cultures everywhere you go. One of the best parts of Malden is how small the community is and how safe it is compared to the busy life on other cities.
Malden is a diverse city that I enjoy living in. There is a lot to do like restaurants, entertainment, and physical activities. I enjoy that it is right outside of Boston because it gives best of both worlds living wise. I interned at Malden High School and felt connected to the students their along with the staff. I would love my own kids to go to Malden High School as it is diverse and a good environment.
I like the overall community of Malden. I enjoy being a resident of Malden and how the people get together for community events like the 4th of July. I like how we have become more eco friendly with the addition of Lime bikes.
I love the community. My neighbors are friendly, I live just down the street from the new Police Station. They take care of their city, the murals all around Malden are painted by Malden high students and others in the community. The city holds meeting and is starting to Facebook live them for those who don’t have local TV or don’t know about it. It’s a warm and loving city. I attended Malden High School and felt very safe and welcome in all the clubs I was in. Malden is a very diverse city, coming from a bi-racial family, it is a comfortable place to live.
Malden does not have the most active nightlife, but it has a very convenient T station that can take you to Boston in under 40 minutes.
The diversity in Malden is a blessing. The Mayor is consistent in attending events. The high school, although underfunded, has given many opportunities to its students to excel in what they choose. There are many parks to admire and be in. Students and kids have many programs to join for after school activities.
Over the course of ten years, I have seen Malden change quite a bit. At the moment, the housing is amazing, but the diversity is lacking. For the most part, there is mainly one race taking over the town, moving into all of the new homes, and building the new businesses
Malden is close to Boston and beaches, has two train stations, and Logan airport 15 minutes away. It has been great living here, but it is a city and I am ready for a more rural environment.
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Malden has changed a lot over the years. The community is very diverse the people are great. The school system is very good but lacks diversity in terms of the teachers from what I seen when I used to go to school in the city.
Been living here for 2 years and love the community. Easy access to public, transportation and a safe neighboorhood with friendly people.
I have been living in malden my whole life and i love it! ranked as the best place to raise your kids
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