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Living in Mahwah for 25 years and being a newcomer from California, it was a difference like day and night. Beautiful and safe town to grow a family. My three children graduated from this school district with so much to offer to the kids. Residents are friendly and educated. Being from Hispanic backgroung, never felt descriminated. Love Mahwah NJ
Great schools, nice people. What else could you ask from a town? Many houses and condominiums so there is someplace for everyone depending on your family size and financial situation.
I wouldn't change anything, it's good the way it is, it's peaceful. All and all in regards to the last six months of me leaving here I've seen a lot of kindness toward others. The resedents display a mutual respect for one another, and that's admirable.
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Mahwah is very diverse. People are generally kind and mind their own business. It's scenic and the air quality is very good.
I am now going to Ramapo College of New Jersey located on Mahwah, NJ. I am in the EOF program currently in that school. From my small amount of time here in Mahwah, I have seen lots of beautiful scenery. I have seen horses, farms, beautiful homes, and much more. It is such a quiet but yet busy town. Everyone is out and about and still keep to themselves. The people there are so nice when you go out to eat or do anything really. The best part about this town is the homey feeling you get from it as soon as you enter it. Something the town is well known for is the Ramapo reservation, which is a beautiful place to go hiking. It has been such a welcoming experience like no other to be living in such an amazing town for the last month.
The safety in this town is incredible, I’ve lived here my whole life and I’ve never once felt threatened.
Very xenophobic, very right wing community. It is fine if you are just using the stores and business district. They have painted the BLUE LINE down their mainstreet near the police station basically in opposition to BLM. All the nasty stuff in the news about their crusades against the Ramapough Native Americans and the Orthodox Jewish community which have made the news. If it were an inclusive place, they would have voted out these wackos on their town council long ago...
It's a good town, definitely not poor, and has a lot of good places to eat. There is plenty trees and plant life, and it is a safe neighborhood. My only gripe is that where I personally live it is pretty quiet.
Mahwah is a pleasant place to live with excellent schools! Mahwah is very diverse, with a large population but relatively low taxes. It is close to NYC, has access to public transportation and has a great library with tons of programs for all ages.
The people are extremely friendly. I love the friends I have made over my 17 years of living here. Mahwah is an incredibly safe town. Its public schools are all on the same road, including the public library. Another bonus is how close we are to New York! Though there are things to enjoy here, I wish Mahwah had a main road with a bunch of shops and cafes or restaurants. Instead, my friends and I often have to drive to other towns to enjoy our time together.
Mahwah is a quaint, safe, and family-friendly town that is a short train or bus ride from New York City. The education offered is demanding and competitive, but is a great value for public schools. With office buildings located all across the town, many people move here in search of a well-paying job. The nightlife is lacking, so trying to go out at night is a 20 minute drive at least.
Mahwah was the perfect place to grow up. There were plenty of things to do outdoors like go to the Ramapo Reservation or play sports. The school system is also nice, the kids get along very well. My friends and I could not imagine growing up any where else. It is also very close to the city so location wise its great.
Mahwah is a good community and easy to get around. The school system is good and constantly improving. I would love to see more places of recreation, as you would normally have to travel out of town for fun places to go.
Mahwah has a very diverse group of individuals. There is a range of socioeconomic status, political beliefs, race, religion etc. I find that to be important because crossing paths with those who have had very different experiences than you broadens one's own knowledge and point of view. There is not a specific downtown area but it is incredibly easy to travel to nearby towns that do have that.
Mahwah Township is a very small town settled near the state borders of New Jersey and New York. Undoubtedly, one of the most quiet and sweet town in the Bergen region. The people are nice and the neighbourhoods are friendly, with very low crime rates. Indeed, living in this town can carry a bit of a price tag, but there is always a price tag. Unless, it is happiness, which this town is full, happy elders, happy children and happy adults.
Great town for families. Amazing school system. Quiet, yet lots to do. Myriad of small shops, big name stores, and a quick drive to the larger malls. All bordering towns ver nice too. Came to mahwah for high school in 1999, went to Ramapo College and stayed to start a family. Voted one of the top 20 towns to live in NJ!
I have been living in Mahwah since 1996 and spent my childhood years here. I still have not left, and here are some reasons why. Mahwah is everything you would want in a town, its not too small that everyone knows each others business but its small enough where you see some friendly faces at the local ACME or Shoprite. Mahwah has a beautiful area called "Ramapo Reservation", where families make memories either hiking or walking the lake with the dog. Its truly beautiful and people travel far distances to get there. The public school system is one of the best rated in the state, and one of our local elementary schools was awarded the Blue Ribbon Award. Mahwah is only 1.5 hours from the beach and 40 minutes from NYC, its the perfect location. There are an abundance of beautiful homes and neighborhoods with beautiful trees and landscaping that look like they should be in a botanical garden.
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Mahwah Township is a very pleasant area that has a strong positive environment. The township locate in a scenic area next to the Ramapo reservation and this contributes to the beauty of the town. The roads are well paved and developed providing access throughout the town. Facilities such as schools, colleges, public buildings and commercial buildings are well available. The houses are spaciously located within the township and there are shopping centers located close to town which provide necessities to the residents. There are very few crimes and is one of the most safest places to live in the country. Mahwah Township is also located 40 minutes away form New York City which makes it an ideal place, which gives the residents peace and quiet of a country environment while allowing easy access to the one of the busiest cities in the world. One drawback is the lack of public transportation around the clock.
fantastic police force and community outreach
Perfect town to raise a family. It's got everything.
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