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Could use more variety of stores aswell as food places, would be absolutely amazing if this town could get an Ihop or Olive Garden.
It's a crackhead town with lots of crazy people, but for some reason they are all polite. The younger kids, however, are rude and have no manners whatsoever. Overall, this town is a great not-so-small town for starter families and offers lots of starter homes. There's events to do locally, such as the Texas Renaissance Festival, and lots of places to eat.
A little far from anything notable, but a great place to live and hang out. Great schools and neighborhoods.
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Magnolia is a nice town that is not to big, yet not too small. It's location is great, with it's neighboring cities such as The Woodlands, Conroe, Montgomery, ect. being a short drive away.
It is nice here. I lived there for eighteen years before i left for college. The town is not too close to a city, and is relavively quiet. I would recommend that you consider this as a town to live in.
It's really far from everything (affordable grocery stores, good jobs). The people in the area are a bit closed minded and have nothing better to do besides drugs or ride horses.
Very friendly locals, small town feel with great shops, and restaurants. Close to Houston, but located in the country.
Growing up in Magnolia Texas. There’s not much to say about it. Nothing much happens beyond drug busts and car accidents. It’s a pretty quiet town. Most of its action happened in the sonic parking lot. The schools were mediocre and my parents removed me from them after multiple incidents of inappropriate behavior from the staff and sub par teaching. As far as cost of living, it’s very fair pricing as far as the Houston area goes.
Magnolia is an amazing place to live! There are a variety of neighborhoods and deed restricted areas to build homes. The Magnolia ISD works very hard everyday to make sure each ad every student gets the best and safest education in the state. Although magnolia is somewhat split into to areas, New Magnolia and Old Magnolia, there is a variety of activities to do. Those consist of the movies, ice skating, escape rooms, old train stations, and shopping.
It was a nice place to live but it has become severely overcrowded. There are not a lot of different kind of people so sometimes you have to search for the good ones.
I really like that Magnolia has a small town feel. Every one knows every one. Kids are involved in activites together that go to school together. People are nice to one another. One thing I would like to see improve is more retail and restaurants in the immediate area.
I have watched Magnolia grow from two lane roads into, what is becoming, a major hub. There is a lot of growth happening and with growth comes change. The area is becoming more city-like and less country-like. Depending on which you enjoy, views will probably differ on the effects of the new growth.
Magnolia is a great family town with close access to The Woodlands and Houston. The schools are smaller than other area schools which creates a small town feel. Magnolia is a growing community with more businesses coming in - like HEB, Target and Xscape movie theater.
Small town but now it is evolving into a more diverse and modernized town. It is quite during to day, but is busy in the mornings and evenings.
Magnolia is a growing community, yet maintains the small hometown feel. The school district provides a wonderful education with highly qualified teachers. There are areas of established neighborhoods and new subdivisions are being built. I am proud to claim Magnolia, Texas as my hometown.
Magnolia is a great place to raise a family if you live in the Houston, TX area. We are not from Texas and have lived in multiple states around the country. By far we are grateful we found this place when moving to Texas 4 years ago. The people are nice and friendly. The only issues we have are during the summertime when the humidity and heat come together to make it a blistering place to live. However, to counter that the Fall, Winter and Spring time are very pleasant. So it’s just dealing with the few months of summer.
Small town feel but with city amenities! Great schools and lots of land. Plenty of activities for kids.
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Magnolia is a fairly average town. The town itself is pretty good. The only real issue is the distance aspect. Everything is crammed into one small place so unless you feel like driving 30 minutes away, there is not much to do after a while.
It is a very small town that was nice and quiet. Now it is growing and construction is everywhere. Trying to get to and from my high school takes a very long time because construction is going on right in font of it. I wish with all the building and innovation, they would at least add in a Whataburger on the main road.
I have lived here for 24 years and have loved every day of it! It’s a very close community of families and camaraderie.
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