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I live in a great residential neighborhood, just 5 minutes away from where I went to school for 8 years. If I could do it all over again, I would definitely choose to live here again. It's such an amazing place to raise a family, a great place for safety too. In the future, I would like to see more businesses opening up near my residential community, but I think as a whole compared to the rest of the US, it's an amazing place to live.
We do have a small problem with crimes related to break in of parked vehivles. I believe this is due to the growing drug problem that we are experiencing as a country. Violent crime are generally not common and when they happen they are not random in nature.
This is a fantastic area to live and raise a family. There are plenty of local attractions and drops in close proximity to my residence. I would rank this area above many other similar areas during yo the scoop system and growth.
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The police are always visible making me feel safe.
Ranked with others I feel that my area is better
Housing in my area is nice because there are good sized houses and few vacancies.
I feel safe living in Timberchase and the people here are kind.
I attend school in Cleves, Ohio and sometimes I do not feel safe because of drug activity in that area.
I am only 18 and have lived here my whole life, and so I do not know about many of these things.
The crime in this area could be much worse. The police are great and do the best they can to keep the area safe for everyone. We have problems with petty theft and drug problems, but I think people should expect to find that in just about every area of the country. These crimes are to be expected with any area with a decent teenage population. I would say underage drinking is a major problem in the high schools in the area, but I do not attribute this problem to the police. I think the problem falls on the schools's administrations. I do not know much about what other high schools are doing to curb the problem, but my school's staff turns a blind eye to it. There have been many reports with proof on social media of underage drinking but they fail to report it to the local police or administer any sort of consequences to the students involved.
The best thing about living in this area is that there is such a diverse group of residents. I have gotten to know people from pretty much every walk of life. There are homeless people all the way to upper middle class and maybe even some people I would consider wealthy. It has taught me so many things about life. I have learned that even though your situation may seem better there is always someone who has it worse. So I am very grateful for the life I live. I do not know all of my neighbors well, but have met many of them on occasion. My family is closer to our neighbors living adjacent to us and they are friendly people. Just like every neighborhood their are unhappy and unkind people, but that is not the majority or the normal for this area. The majority of the people I have met are politically conservative which I like because I would describe myself as such. I would definitely choose to live here again just based on the perspective it has given me on society as a whole. I have acquired insight to the behavior of a wide range of people.
The people in Cincinnati are simply great! The whole city has a very active atmosphere. There is almost always something happening somewhere.
Lots of chain restaurants all around. There are a few small owned local bars and restaurants which serve up good food at often low prices.
There is a variety of family owned shops and chain stores.
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