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It is a cute little town, with a beautiful histroic downtown, but the downtown community of businesses is very toxic. The 'older' generation running the businesses will go to great lengths to try to ruin your life if you do not conform to their ways, or try to exit the downtown life once your gone into it. The school district is getting out of control, the kids run wild and the principle paints a totally different picture for the school board that everything is great. Great families are leaving left and right.
Lyons is a nice small town to raise your children in. However, I would like to see a build up in the economy and more job opportunities.
Lyons is a great family centered community. The schools are great and people are friendly. I love the small town atmosphere where neighbors look out for one another and the children in the neighborhood. It reminds me of when I was growing up. There is a low crime rate and cost of living is reasonable.
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What I like about this town is the attempt to bring community together through frequent small events, ie : peppermint days, pumpkin palooza and the many activities offered on Satuday's at their farmers market. I think if the town were cleaned up and had less of their historic homes turned into apartment housing it would bring more established families back to the community.
Our town police department was shut down so we now relay on the State Troopers and/or Sherriff's to watch over the town
Being close to all my friends makes it easy to all get together and hang out. Having a small school helps me be able to be in more school activities and my job is just down the road. Although the school board and the town government isn't the best, we all still manage
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