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Some change I would like to see around my city would be for everyone to lend a helping hand to those in need that do not have a home to go to. Also, to pick up any litter laying on the ground and throw it away in the trash can to make the streets cleaner.
I’ve lived in Lynwood my whole life and still do and people say it’s ghetto or not safe but as a kid I would walk outside and use my bike around the block and nothing would happen to me and my street is controlled by a gang but that doesn’t bother me because it’s a Latino gang and I am Latino but that was in 2010 so I don’t know if they still own it or have control over it still
I would like to clean up the streets and graffiti. Pick up trash that is left all around the city. House some of the homeless that are on the street.
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Lynwood is a phenonemal city. It is a majority Latino-based community, but opens their arms to any race and ethnicity. The public schools have nice campuses and are great in offering public education. Neighboors are very friendly and will lend a helping hand whenever it is needed. As a small town, most of the people who lives in Lynwood know one another and get along quite swell. Overall, the city of Lynwood is a safe environmeny for people to live in and should be greatly considered for a person's choice of living.
The city of Lynwood is the boarder of Compton, South Gate, Paramount and Watts. Typically seen as a ghetto area, the city if Lynwood is the most diverse and also calm of the cities its surrounded by. Those living here have also taken opportunities to be more involved with neighbors, by having an annual summer movie nights, farmers markets and growing a small community garden just off the freeway.
In the city of Lynwood, I had many great neighbors that are friendly. I enjoyed all of the events that were taking place in the community. The fact that most of the neighborhood is aware of the involvement throughout the city which benefits the people of Lynwood.
Lynwood has been my hometown my whole life; I can't imagine ever leaving it because it's a great city. The personality of it's great treasures are lively. I wouldn't say that Lynwood is a great honeymoon spot but it does have many adored areas around the city including world famous Plaza Mexico. The food in this city is very Spanish based due to the fact that about 70% of the city is filled with Hispanics. Also, as a Hispanic woman living in this city, I really love it, the buildings may be a little worn out, but it still has its Spanish origin spirit.
Lynwood is considered a low-income city. I have lived my whole life here, so I have become accustomed to this. It wasn't until recently when I was exposed to a summer program in USC when I started to realize the disparities my city faces. In this city, we are filled of hard working people that are trying to get by for their families. However, there isn't much resources offered to students in school due to the lack of money to fund them. I think newer generations shouldn't have to struggle to receive the same opportunities students from different cities face.
I would like:Cleaner streets, less violence, safe environment, less crime, street parking regulation improved. Also, the amount of homeless people camping out has been drastically increasing in the last couple of months.
The city of Lynwood is trying to better itself and it is showing however it is over crowded and as long as the residents don’t do their part to keep the city clean and safe it will struggle to become a great city.
It is a city next to Compton. It is dangerous to walk outside. It is more affordable than most cities in LA county but of course has a safety drawback. A good thing is plaza mexico, as it is rich with culture.
Lynwood reminds me of Santa Ana where I grew up in a lot of ways because there is a large Hispanic population surrounding me, but there is also apparent diversity. It is very cultural as you drive around, and has a close vicinity of stores in neighbor cities that can be from a 5 to 10 minute drive away.
I love it here. It will always be called my home. The people here are respectful and care about you as if you were all one big happy family. Everyone knows everyone and we keep each other safe. There are a bunch of trees the streets are well taken care of and the community life is great. The city of Lynwood is all about its people and the people of Lynwood are all about their city.
It is a very nice community the neighbors are very nice. I go to a school in lynwood. I like the fun fact of lynwood.
Not the greatest city to live in. I used to run on Sunday nights at the Lynwood Park and it was creepy sometimes but nothing ever happened to me.
Decent suburban place, with lots of restaurants, parks, gyms, and places to do. Decent high schools and community colleges here too.
I been living in Lynwood, CA since 2001 and it has truly been a remarkable experience. I have seen it all. Growth, change, and community. Lynwood will always be home and I wouldn't want it any other way.
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Lynwood is a small city composed of lower to middle income families. My personal experience, having graduated from a Lynwood high school, was semi-positive. I feel that the education system, during my time in K-12, could have been a bit more comprehensive. However, the Lynwood Unified has recently been acknowledge for their positive AP curriculum.
A rather okay place has really nothing going for it, however, as of reason, changes have been done to the city, commercially. Safety and education can be better, although I believe the education system has been revamped to an extent.
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