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I am an international boarding student at Lyndon Institue, Lyndon Center. I spend most of my year living in Lyndon. The town and the surroundings are just gorgeous and if you enjoy outdoor activities you will always find something to do. The people are nice and caring, always there to help and be polite. Nonetheless, the town is incredibly small, lacking nightlife and indoor activities. Despite going to the movies and driving around there's not much to do to socialize.
Lyndon has a great sense of community that connects all of it's residents. It is a typical "small town" which feels very welcoming most of the time, but you can also sometimes find yourself running out of things to do.
Great area to live in. Great schools, friendly neighbors. Beautiful area, great area for people who love hiking,biking, skiing and other outdoor activities. Not alot of job opportunities unless uou are willing to travel to work.
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Nothing ever happens in the area.
There is a great atmosphere and a strong sense of community. There are also many extracurricular activities to enjoy. In the area I live there are two very strong high schools to pick from in order to receive a strong education.
Darling Hill road is very safe, downtown's average
It's a nice town, but secluded
In the winter their is a lot skiing places, in the summer the kingdom trails are open for mountain biking
Good place to raise a family, quiet not a lot of crime.
Weather is all over the map in this state
Jobs in the are are bad, most places minimum wage or less or require a degree to get better pau
In my area we mostly have gas stations with a deli. Not very good food. We also have 4 pizza places all within the same block of each other. Good food but wish my area had more sit down Resturant with better food choices. There is never much to do around the area, shopping for clothes you have to travel 30miles for a decent clothing store.
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