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Luling has always been my hometown , I enjoy living in a small town, but sometime it can be hectic. By hectic I mean sometimes the people here are not as united as you think they’d be , at least from my personal experience. We have our hometown issues, who doesn’t, but I wouldn’t trade Luling , my home for anything.
Everyone is really nice. They help each other out. I gave a ride home to an elderly woman. Her car was broken at HEB, our local grocery store. Everyone is friendly and nice.
very good town to visit if interested in watermelons, bbq, and oil. they have two well known Bar-b-q restraunts right on main street and are both very good.
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What I like most about luling TX is the fact that everyone is friendly and that you can go in the grocery store without a hassle ! What I don’t like about luling is that it’s a small town , mainly everting is family operated which makes it harder to be able get a job . I’ve lived here for a year and I have yet they find a job here in town
I love this little town but, there is not much to do. All 3 Playgrounds are unsafe and need updating. People are decent. Food is decent.
I would like to see more business and jobs.More older teachers in isd. What I really like about Luling it's no hard crime like in the city. Good. bar-q and good people.
We could use more of a variety when it comes restaurants, the majority of the restaurants here tex-mex. I would love to see a nice Italian restaurant. It would also be useful if we had more supermarkets maybe even an organic food store. Lastly I would like to see maybe an arcade or recreation center for children and teens so they have a place besides the street to go after school, i believe it would help them stay out of trouble, hopefully even drug/alcohol.
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