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I like that Lubbock is expanding and there seems to be a focus on updating the city and inviting more Nationwide retailers and restaurants.
It could update it's bus route and incorporate bike lanes since this is a college town and there's a decently large cyclist group composed of locals and college students.
A small town in comparison to other cities within Texas, although this city is very safe and accepting for college students. There is much to do here, partly due to the vast amount of college students that visit Tech every year.
Lubbock has scary parts of the town. However, I love it here. I don’t ever want to leave. Family , schools and everything are here.
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Lubbock is a great town. It is growing, but still retaining a small town feel. Lovely people who exude Texas friendliness. Home of Texas Tech University, we support our school with pride.
I love living in Lubbock, Texas.
Everyone is so friendly and the Texas Tech students and alumni all come together for game days.
I grew up in Farmington, New Mexico. If you've never been, it's a rough little town that's right off a reserve, filled with people of all kind. While I would love to go back for the sunsets, moving to Lubbock, Texas, has changed my life forever. Going from a school that was packed to the brim with the student body overpowering the staff, being placed in a school where the tables got turned helped my grade and mental state immensely. I was able to ask for help and get it -- not be dismissed to a line behind all of my 30 other classmates. I was able to thrive as a student and as a person -- the schools and the community enabling my ability to thrive. I wouldn't change anything for the world.
Lubbock is a wonderful city, full of friendly people and fun things to do! I love how Lubbock offers three different colleges that brings life to the city. The surrounding small towns are also great, and they all have their own personalities. I never want to leave Lubbock!
I love this city. Everyone is so friendly and it is a great layout, and easy to get around. There are plenty of great churches, workout places, and things to do for fun. Lots of opportunities to meet new people, and the university atmosphere from Texas Tech University adds something great to Lubbock as well.
The people are nice here, but there is not a developed arts community and the only thing to really do is go out to eat.
I first moved to Lubbock about a month ago. It's a nice, buzzing college town with great people. I love the restaurants and coffee shops, and there are great places for food, sports, and music. There is also the wonderful Buddy Holly museum, which is always worth a visit.
Lubbock is just boring honestly, I don't know if it's just the fact that I have been living here every since I was born.
Lubbock is a great city for a family! There are plenty of places to take children, teens, and even adults to have fun!
I’m Ally Policarpio a Senior at Frenship High School. I love Lubbock so much! I grew up in Lubbock and lived her my whole life. The education system at every district is amazing. Lubbock is really safe because everybody is cautious. There’s always something to do at night. Cheap housing in Lubbock is good for the locals and new people. It’s a family-friendly town and we welcome everybody. There’s nothing I want to change here!
Lubbock is very friendly, but the arts community is lacking and the people are extremely conservative. There is virtually nothing to do but eat out at restaurants and go to the movie theater. The nearest hiking/nature locations are at least a 2 hour drive in any given direction. The roads are relatively safe.
A nice little college city. Friendly and diverse people. One of the best cities to live in. The traffic may not be the best, but it is definitely better than most cities. The schools are superb and the college life is better than most.
Moved here from Fla, people are very nice but not very friendly. If your not a church person or part of the Tec, click your out of luck. Not much to do, one plus, cheap cost of living, I'm single, this might be a good town for you if your very conservative, married with kids and into church but for a middle age, educated single not much to offer. lot of fat people here? Hey, to each their own. You might like it.
I love Lubbock, it´s a nice place, with a lot of restaurants and fun activities. There is Texas Tech University, which has a lot of internation students and they have a bunch of activities! I live very close to the University and I´m very glad I came.
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I like the people in Lubbock and how mostly everyone is nice! I love how our school systems aim to reach higher and our city is always trying to improve itself. The only thing I would like to see is less trash around the city and less road kill.
Lubbock is a wonderful city to live in. There are great people here and tons of eating places! We are close enough to New Mexico, that you could spend a few days in the mountains, or drive a few hours to shop in Dallas!
This is the city I was born in but I do wish it could be known for than just a small college city, we have a thriving art community with amazing agricultural.
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