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Lower Merion township has a very good residents service! We love their free school transportation service , it's great!!
Lower Merion is a lovely place to live, but it can be pricey. It is a very rich, white town. The schools are ranked as some of the best.
Attending school through the district is a great way to get your kid to have many opportunities such as sports and clubs. They can gain many connections to pursue what they love to do, especially art and the players community.
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This is a very family friendly township! Great schools and safety! Our schools are nationally ranked and provide a stellar, holistic education for their students. It's very close to the city and work can be found just a short train ride away. LM Township is also close to other PA attractions like Lancaster County and King of Prussia mall. There's a deep sense of community from events at our great public schools to music in the park to movies in Suburban Square. There are lots of opportunities to meet new people at our different communities centers. Overall, I have had a great experience living here.
Excellent school system. Homes are expensive but less expensive than suburbs of Chicago and NY. Real Estate Taxes for schools are relatively less expensive since the very rich residents send their children to expensive private schools even though th4ey pay high taxes on their mansions.
A beautiful and peaceful township just outside of Philadelphia. Great public schools, easy public trains.
I have grown up and lived in Lower Merion for almost my entire life and it has provided me access with every opportunity imaginable and has allowed me to grow up in an extremely safe neighborhood, attend an amazing public school, and partially experience city life in Philadelphia.
This place is amazing, I grew up here and was always involved with the community. It’s a place where education is valued so highly. Never have a felt scared or afraid for my safty
Lower Merion is a beautiful township filled with families. The communities are quite close, making it friendly and cohesive, yet new families may find some difficulty in connecting with long-time residents. The area is very safe, and the local services are extremely friendly and co-operative. Schools are exceptional, and close proximity to Philadelphia provides a mass of job opportunities. The township is excellent at valuing tidiness and habitability, and in general, the community is very comfortable.
I like that it is a friendly area. The area is very pretty and neighborhood friendly. The great thing about this area is that it is very animal friendly, all animals are welcome. The schools in this district are amazing. They provide so much for the students and give the students the best education they can get. There is usually very little to no crime in Lower Merion Township.
Growing up in Lower Merion was an ideal experience. The schools are excellent and the area is beautiful. There is a tremendous amount of apartment buildings going up that will unfortunately impact the traffic patterns and school enrollment.
Been here for the last 11 years of my life couldn't be more happy. Met amazing, sweet, and beautiful people.
Great public school districts with amazing resources. The private schools in the area are top notch as well. Shipley, Haverford, Episcopal Academy etc.
Decent community with friendly neighbors and quiet streets. We moved in one year ago and generally speaking it is the best community we can find/afford near the city.
With a top notch education system, generally good safety, and a growing city nearby this is a great place to raise a family.
As a current highschool student in LM, I can personally attest to the amazing public education offered here. The area is very left-leaning, but not particularly diverse.
Lower Merion is a great family friendly neighborhood with amazing public schools. It is very close to Philadelphia so it is easy to commute, and young people can always go into the city for fun.
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Lower Merion Township is made up of several suburbs just outside the city of Philadelphia. It is a beautiful area with lots of character: old stone colonial homes, winding rooms, streams and historical sights. The schools are excellent and several colleges and universities are located in Lower Merion: Villanova University, Haverford College, Bryn Mawr College, just to name a few. There are several town centers that offer all the conveniences: shopping, dining, groceries and more! Life is good in LMT!
There is very little to no crime at any time
The neighborhood is pretty and friendly
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