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Loveland, Ohio is a beautiful and small town. Everyone is nice and friendly. Loveland has many places to shop, eat, and enjoy the outside environment. There is a bike trail many people ride and walk on to enjoy the outside and exercise.
I like living in Loveland because there are many parks as well as many indoor activities. There is always something to do close by.
Like living in the Loveland area, and my husband was born and raised in the Loveland area. The location is central to everything, from the highway, to groceries, to entertainment and restaurants.
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Loveland is a great place to live, getting better and better every year! Many families and soon to be families should definitely consider Loveland when considering a place to locate their family. The Loveland City School District is one of the best in the Greater Cincinnati Area. The school district is not large by enrollment which has the benefits of getting focused attention and support for your child. With the new development in Downtown Loveland with new restaurants and stores living being built Loveland is being to have more attraction and nightlife. Loveland is considered to be a "commuter town" it is convenient to commute to many major employment spots in Cincinnati: Mason, Downtown, Blue Ash, Sharonville, West Chester, and Liberty Township via 275 Loop and 71 and 75. Loveland is also very unique in where it is located. Loveland being on the Little Miami River allows for a lot of fun activities whether it be parks on the river, canoeing, and kayaking, or any other activities.
Loveland is a place that really shows the love all around you. So many parks for the little kids to enjoy. downtown Loveland is gorgeous, and don't get me started on the rover. It i such a hip and cool place to be at as a teenager. Very fun for all types of people, young, old, student, you can find anything here.
Since moving here last year, I couldn't be happier! I live in a friendly community with lots of activities. We're also located close enough to Cincinnati to stay busy, but I still get to see the stars at night!
Loveland is a nice little town along the Little Miami River. It has the perfect "small town" atmosphere with a great downtown, excellent food, and plenty of things to do during the summer.
The best thing about Loveland is that you're in a small town - but not at all far from the "big city" and all the things a bigger city has to offer. If you visit in the summer, there is the Loveland Bike Trail (perfect for biking, walking, running), canoeing/kayaking (perfect for beginners but still fun for the more experienced), beautiful locations for photo shoots or scenic outings. Almost every eatery in Loveland has outdoor seating and downtown LL has a fun night life! In the colder months, the night life is still the same - just less outside eating! The creeks and river are still lovely for photo shoots. The bike trail never shuts down. Residents are friendly all year 'round.
I love the availability of parks in relation to my home, so that my children have many locations to chose from when it comes to playing outside.
Very safe and good community. Everyone is very friendly. The central 'downtown' is very fun and easy to access. Lots of good food places and a nice park with a walking trail that is enjoyable in the warm weather. Super convenient location and central to many other well-populated cities. Also rural areas for those that dislike cities.
The area is beautiful. There are rolling hills and a nice little forested bike trail. The little communities that create the larger community are welcoming to anyone who wishes to enter.
The people are nice, and the streets are clean. Overall I like the area. I currently live here. My neighbors are nice as well. The housing market is pretty good
When you walk in the streets of Loveland, it feels like home. There is a local cuisine here, but still some food-chain restaurants for your liking. There are plenty of parks, and plenty of things to do in the community.
I have lived in Loveland, Ohio for nearly seven years now and have found it to truly live up to its name! The little downtown area is trendy with cute boutiques, restaurants, and sweet treats. While featuring its main highlight the Loveland bike trail, that runs along the Little Miami river. If you love the out doors this is the place to come for a day trip! I especially love kayaking in the summer! Mostly friendly locals, but still need to make smart decisions as you go about! Come visit, love to see you in Loveland soon!
Loveland is a very small suburb of Cincinnati, OH, and has been home to me since I was born. Since Loveland is so small in size, it's as if everybody knows everybody and we have all been able to grow up together and make memories in the wonderful attributes of this town. Even if I had the choice of where I was going to be raised, I would have not wanted to be anywhere else but here.
Loveland has a great downtown area full of shops and a great walking and biking trail. We are minutes away from Kings Island and World Class tennis. It is accessible to Dow town Cincinnati by only 25 minutes. It has something for everyone!
Loveland constantly has different events and activities for people to participate in whether it be a farmer's market, summer festival, 4th of July fireworks, or even Pokemon Go events. Definitely family friendly but there's also plenty of areas for younger people to have fun including a variety of restaurants and shops that are all in walking distance with the bike trail. Definitely would recommend the area to anyone who is looking to have fun and get connected with their community!
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Loveland is a fantastic small suburb that offers comfortable living, friendly people and a diverse array of outdoor activities. Loveland sits right on the scenic Little Miami River offering scenic parks and trails near by.
It’s a great place to live my family loves downtown and the bike trails. We in joy walking around downtown and all the restaurant. Blooms and berries is great for all ages and home grown foods.
Loveland is an amazing place to work and live. Downtown Loveland is especially nice with lots of little restaurants and fun shops. The food is great and there is a wide variety of choices ranging anywhere from pubs to nicer places like Tano's bistro. When the community faces hardships, like the time when a historic building burned, everyone came together to make sure that it got restored. Loveland is a great, community oriented city!
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