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Louisville is a small and relatively quiet town. Everyone seems to know everyone, and the people I know in Louisville have become close friends and family. We work together and grow together. We find communion and companionship with one another, and, despite being a small town, Louisville has come to prosper and progress.
Louisville is a very quiet town. The best restaurants are Cock of the Walk, Taste of China, Mi Rodeo and Lucy's.
The best place to see fireworks is Lake Tiak-O-Khata.
There are not many places to go relax. There's not Bowing Alley or Skating Rink.
My mom, aunt, and cousin have had nothing but problems since moving here due to ppl doing things to them, the property we're on, the trailer we live in, and our pets. I've had an ok experience since living here, but it'd be so much better if I could actually get a job. It seems no one wants to hire me. I think it's because all my work experience is in another state, but i cant get experience here if no one will hire me!
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I moved to Louisville when I was about 8 years old and I enjoy how it has a lot of different restaurants and how the neighborhood that I lived in has nice and queer neighbors. Overall, I would change some of the violence that sometimes occurs in the town. It may almost never happen near where I lived but it seems to have gotten closer over the years.
They are a family town but not many attractions to keep its local people here.There are not many jobs unless you are family with some of the owners. The town is know for one many attraction which is the lake here. People come for the log cabins and camp grounds on the site.
I like the true southern hospitality shown throughout the community. It's has a nice hometown atmosphere with good people.
its about like any other old country town,slow on the start but homely when the pop increased! Jason pugh is the sheriff there never been nothing but good to me Louisville born and raised his mom (mrs pugh ) did the canteen at wccrcf or better known as Winston Choctaw regional correctional facility
Louisville is a small town located in central Mississippi. I grew up in Louisville, MS and there is no other place like it. Mostly everybody knows everybody and they are willing to help anyone that is in need. During a tragedy, I have seen this town come together as one and help each other regardless of race or social class. The hospitality of Louisville,MS is like no other.
Louisville is a great community. It is a town full of kind people that genuinely care about their neighbors. I would love to see Louisville grow, unfortunately so many people that are born and raised in Louisville do not stay end up staying. So there needs to be a change, a big enough change to make people want to stay. I think bringing in bigger cooperations that offer not just jobs but great benefits would be something people would want to stay for. Also, it would give the average American the chance to work up the cooperate latter. A town needs to be able to grow within . I think for a town to thrive it needs to offer hope and life to its community.
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