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I love how everyone knows everybody and people are very friendly here. I've known so many people here my whole life and they've known me since I was very little. I've know my classmates since I was in 1st grade.
I loved living in Louisville. I completed High School here and loved the education. Past generations of my family have lived here and will continue to do so. This is a growing community and will continue to grow throughout!
I love that Louisville is such a small town but has so much potential! Since we are so small, everyone is very close and knows each other on a personal basis. We all can come together in times of need and help one another out. Even though we are a small town, we are loved conveniently in between two big cities, Omaha and Lincoln. This provides us a lot of opportunities to try new things.
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I have lived in Louisville for all of my life as far as I can remember. People in Louisville know everyone and when a disaster or storm happens everyone teams up and get the town cleaned up and looking like new.
Louisville is a small town just south of Omaha about 30 mins. It has a cute historic Main Street with family run businesses. The public school has some of the most incredible teachers and staff. A very family friendly community.
There are very few crimes that happen in my small town. Everyone cooperates, and I cannot recall an incident ever happening.
I have lived in my town all 18 years that I have been alive! I wouldn't change it for the world; I will always consider this my home. It's a great feeling, knowing that if you need help, your entire town will be there to help you out. You don't see that very often in big towns, but where I come from, that's just a way of life.
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