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Los Molinos to me is a place I can call home, I know that Los Molinos is a safe town. Although Los Molinos is a small town it contains everything, it has its own grocery store and even it's own elementary, middle school and high school. I have lived in Los Molinos nearly my whole life and yes, meeting new people and experiencing somewhere larger is nice.
Los Molinos is a beautiful town in the summer, spring, and fall seasons. During the winter it typically floods so we have to prepare for that each year. This sometimes ruins our house and all our belongings. Typically it's very green and beautiful, with many walnut acres. There's always something to do outside, like riding quads, playing in the river, or working on outside projects. I enjoy the quiet atmosphere it provides, although I wish it was a bigger city with more to offer. Thank you!
I like where I live. The orchard is beautiful year round. I love the walnuts. Peaceful, calm, and a great place to live.
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It's a small town in which everyone is kind and helpful, there is lots of land for agriculture and other opportunities.
I like the rural area and small town living but there isn't very much diversity and no opportunity for work. This town can use a major upgrade as well.
The businesses are good, but there is just so few and they are expensive.
This is a very small town, so there are not a lot of job opportunities or at least not a wide variety. You can find a job, but it will more than likely be part-time. To find a better job you have to go to a different town.
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