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Los Angles is an overrated city. Traffic is horrible, and the air pollution is even worse. There isn't really much to it except for the hiking and dirty beaches. One positive thing would be diversity, but it does depend on the region you're in.
I was born and raised in Los Angeles and for the most part it has been great, but because I grew up here I was able to see how much this city has changed. There are two thing that I really don't like about this city and have seen first hand happen which is the homelessness rise exponentially which also links to another issue that I have which is gentrification. Other than that I would say that Los Angeles is a really good place to live. It's a very diverse city with people from all over and bring a bit of their culture over here. Along with that we also have a bunch of production studios near us, which also means that's you'll most likely see something being filmed here in Los Angeles.
The experience here is really bad there is always something bad happening here such as gang related things, people getting robbed, and other bad things. I wouldn't recommend living here its pretty bad but school is pretty good but there is always kids smoking or fighting.
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I like the availability of Transportation in Los Angeles. It allows me to easily travel around the city even though I don't have a car.
Los Angeles is a diverse city; it unifies several cultures. Public schools are poorly funded and minority neighborhoods suffer from exposure to drugs and violence. It has gotten very expensive to live here due to inflation of prices resulting from overpopulation in our city. Generally, I believe that minorities struggle more due to a lack of stable jobs for undocumented workers. However, Los Angeles is more inclusive than most states in the United States of America.
Many public schools. Family-friendly and safe to go around the neighborhood. Estate prices are a little high. Very diverse people in this area due to visitors. Many job opportunities and less communte time due to public transportation.
In Los Angeles, I love how there is so much culture and so many places to explore. I have been living here for a while and I haven't seen half of Los Angeles. There are some beautiful places to visit and there are some not so much. The bad thing about Los Angeles is the traffic of course. Every day there is traffic everywhere depending on the time of day. However, I have gotten used to it.
It's obviously not for everyone. But it also a very unique experience given the deep and rich history of culture here.
Los Angeles is city of angel where there are many diverse races are living in the town. We often get to interact each other with no difficulties and it is very hard to find racism in this town. However, living in Los Angeles is getting a lot expensive than the previous years, but the vibes and weather in LA can never betray you.
Los Angeles has perfect weather and the people are very friendly, although I noticed alot of homeless and I wish the community had a place for them to stay in.
the city is excellent. on any given day you can go out and do new things. you could go downtown and explore. or go to the beach and have a swim
I like seeing thing around LA but not south central, don't know much about the outside areas. The people here are fun and very entertaining if you're with the right group of people, many people that are not friendly in other areas. There is places you can't be at, don't feel comfortable walking around at night.
Just moved a couple months ago and saw that there are many exciting things to do and many places to go. There are a lot of traffic at all times and driving is a bit frightening so GPS is a must. I have heard it is very expensive to live here and it really is very expensive indeed, from parking to tips, everywhere I go. There are many places to go in terms of events and festivals. I believe this is a city that does not sleep, as it has a very high population and people are always moving about.
I like Los Angeles a lot because of its culture and diversity. The west side of the city is stunning and very clean. It has a lot of tourists and nightlife. Nevertheless, downtown LA is not very clean, and in some areas, it can even get dangerous. Traffic is terrible overall.
There are many negative aspects of the southern part of Los Angeles like the gangs and the lack of education some students receive in the LAUSD system. Yet being born in an area like this teaches you how to take care of yourself since anything could happen at any moment.
There are a lot of areas around Los Angeles that are great, fun, and exciting, but there are some terrible and dangerous areas in Los Angeles. The streets are very dirty. There are homeless people everywhere. South Central LA is a terrible neighborhood.
Los Angeles has become such an overpopulated place. Nobody helps clean up, the amount of homelessness has exponentially increased. It is quite a dangerous area, as I live in South Los Angeles but I do have to say that it is a place of opportunities.
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For me, LA's nothing to special. Maybe it's because I don't go out much, but it's just alright. There are lots of places you eat and depending on where you go, you might run into something you might not have tried tried before. There's also the Griffith Observatory and trails in Griffith Park where you can hike or just have a picnic.
What I like about L.A. is that it is very diverse in its population because you see Mexicans, Koreans, Chinese, and other ethnicities in Downtown L.A. where they gather to have a cup of tea or are a part events to enrich the L.A. culture which is supportive of all races. You get to navigate into different cultures dishes, traditions, and customs.
Many people like to come together because many of the come from the same background. Even if we are from different ethnic backgrounds, we all find a way to come together. We all want to make it out and be someone successful in life.
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