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I love Los Angeles. There are many people and many things to do. There are many different foods and you can have something new everyday.
Los Angeles is a great place to live. It has lots of diversity and culture. There a lot of things to do out here. There are many museums to visit and the concert venues are great. The only thing bad about Los Angeles is the traffic. I wish they can have a better transportation system.
Excellent healthy environment for people with health problems. The sunshine is a good source or vitamins and bone health.
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It is a very diversity place to be. There are so many different types of people. There are a lot of places to go and eat. The atmosphere is overall good. So many things to do out there to see and experience.
Los Angeles is a large sprawling city that offers limitless options. You can be anyone you want to be in Los Angeles, but living in the right neighborhood and joining the right circles can make or break your experience. It is important to live in the neighborhood that best fits your style, needs, and aesthetic. While the west side boasts the beach, elite restaurants, and rodeo drive, the east side offers more quaint, charming houses, Latino and Armenian culture, and iconic activities like hikes in Griffith Park and games at the dodger stadium. Bars are open late, there is not a single cuisine you won't find to explore, and there is no limit to the different coffee shops you can visit. Though with such a variety and multitude of experiences it is easy to loose track of the right fit. The people who enjoy and appreciate Los Angeles the most found the places and people they connect with. It's important to stay true to yourself while you explore the land of plenty.
Los Angeles is a diverse and cultural city. You can meet people from all over the world there and enjoy ethnic foods from all over the world. The beach cities in LA area are beautiful with lots of bars and nightlife. Most food places are open late but the traffic really sucks. Takes about an hour to get to places that are 10 miles away.
Los Angeles is a beautiful place to call home. We are surrounded by the natural elements, from the mountains to the sea. We have a fabulous diversity of people from around the world. Inspiring art scene. Amazing food. Fun night life. Top notch shopping. Hikes that are easy to access. World class beaches... My only complaint is with the major issue of traffic - too many cars on the road! And I would also have to mention the smog - air quality is always of concern to me. Otherwise, life is good here in LA! Real estate and rents are high so you have to be making some money to live comfortably here.
Its a great diverse community. Love the atmosphere and see all kind of kindness toward each other. I see no crimes being committed in my neighborhood. I also see a lot of access to public busses so that students can bus it to school. The diverse of community brings cultural among each races and I see that its a great place to live. The night life is very sage and costs of living in this neighbor is very affordable.
Overall I love Los Angeles. Commute can be a little overwhelming for people that are not used to traffic, but there are a lot of attractions.
I love how there are so many different cultures in Los Angeles despite being only one city. There are different communities such as Korea town, Little Tokyo, and the art district and yet there are so nearby all part of a whole city.
Los Angeles is a city full of diversity. Different cultures and beliefs are within one city combined. I would love to see more opportunities to minorities here in the city of Los Angeles. Since we do have most of the minorities here in Los Angeles, I belief the city should have more understanding of minorities' income and struggle to success.
It is cool. a lot fun there. You should visit the city. Has so many attractions you'll love it. Great place to live in also
Los Angeles hosts a large pool of people from all over the globe, however, due to this high diversity, there is lack of loyalty and true, deep interaction and communication between its residents.
There's always something to do and there are a lot of career opportunities. The downside is it is very expensive to live there.
I love the mix in between the big city life and the beaches and the lovely, friendly people. Would like it to be more job opportunities and easier to find a place to live without having to run a credit check (hard if you're not from here).
What isn't there to do here in LA? You have many options to choose from when visiting this city. From Downtown you have many restaurants to choose from when entering the Grand Central Market. In East LA you have many Salvadorian inspired restaurants and all over the city there are parks and historical landmarks to visit.
For the most part, I love living in Los Angeles because this is where I was born. I love that in my neighborhood, I can go out in the middle of the night and know that I am safe. This is not true for all parts of Los Angeles though. Something that I would love to change is traffic! It is horrible, there is hardly any time when you know you will not be stuck in traffic. Sometimes it can be 2am and you are randomly stuck in traffic. Also, the cost of living is not great either. Everything is super expensive. And if you are thinking of buying a house, you better look somewhere else!
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Los Angeles is a city like no other. I have lived in many cities throughout the U.S. I have lived on a park bench in D.C., I have slept in the Metro in Paris and under bridges in Texas\Ohio\Seattle. There is no place like Los Angeles. The city is beautiful, amziliant & tragimatic! !!
Born and raised in L.A....WAY TOO HIGH but great night life and food. People are friendly. Coffee is great but EVERYTHING IS EXPENSIVE
Overall I love Los Angeles and believe it has so much to offer. One thing I would suggest to change would be the bumpy roads and the high taxs.
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