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I live in Los Angeles my whole life and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. Los Angeles may not be fancy but I love the environment
I like the identity of Los Angeles. It definitely has its reputation as being the "west coast" city close to the beach where everyone is vegan, but living here for my whole life it is definitely more than that, and I'm not even vegan. Everyone is very welcoming and diverse. There are definitely certain parts and aspects of Los Angeles that could be improved, traffic, homeless, and air quality to name a few, but overall I think Los Angeles is a pretty good place to live.
Highly glamorized and overrated. Granted, it is highly diverse, alive, and fulfills the "urban city" living dream, but is growing more difficult to live in as rent cost is being driven up.
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It is very unbalanced since every place is coping with the covid-19 in different ways. I believe it's time for the government to take control and to stop being lazy when it comes to social distancing and small businesses.
What I enjoy most about Los Angeles is the opportunity to meet so many different people from different places around the world. The excitement from learning and becoming part of different cultures is very refreshing. Also, the way the state actively tries to help their people live their version of a happy life is encouraging to say the least.
I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. I grew up here, and I have had opportunity. I've volunteered here my whole life and even work for the city. I don't think I would be as open minded if I did not live here. I'm also thankful I can afford living here.
I really do enjoy living in Los Angeles. There are so many opportunities to take advantage of whether its educational or getting a job. There are also many public schools and private schools too. In addition, there is also a diversity of people.
I would like to change a lot about my community. How dirty it is and how people should take care of their properties.
What I like about Los Angeles is that it is very diverse in terms of people. There are many things that you ca do in Los Angeles and living here is great. It is not too hard to find a job because as a major city there are jobs almost everywhere.
My experience living in Los Angeles is great. I like living here because there are many places to visit when there is no pandemic. I love visiting new places as well because there’s always something new in the city of LA. I also like the universities and colleges here. I like the beautiful buildings as well. The only that I sometimes might not like is traffic because it sometimes get very busy, but overall by espero me living here is very good.
I love Los Angeles because it is so diverse. Love the restaurants and the access to entertainment and amusement.
There's a lot of diversity in LA with a lot of great places to eat and historical places to be. From the Getty to the beaches nearby, everything is central and you can have lots of fun experiences, whether it's at the Dolby theater or the Forum or a Korean bbq with friends. You never get tired of it because the scenery changes a lot. It's not just the "desert" anyone outside Cali would claim--we have lots of lush green parks and hiking trails too. We may not get as much rain, but you can count on it being sunny or at least cool most of the time.
I have lived in Los Angeles my whole life and I have gone through the public school system. My family and I have been able to live comfortably for the most part. While in my car I was shot at once so I am reserved to say I am completely safe but I am still alive and have not had any other bad experiences.
You can find anything in Los Angeles, if you look really hard. LA is filled with diversity and ever change progress for the minority community.
Los Angeles is not a great place. I hate the weather here. The real estate market and affordability are horrible.
I've lived here my whole life and I love it. It's so beautiful. You have the option of the beach, the mountains, the desert, and so much more at the tip of your fingertips. The only downside is so many people from out of state are moving here adding to the already horrible traffic and causing the cost of living to increase.
Los Angeles is a special and unique place. The food is amazing and you have such a great variety. I was hesitant to move here because of the entertainment industry, the earthquakes, and the police state. But I have been living here happily for over 9 Years.
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I love the city of Angeles, full of opportunities, always meeting new friends from all over the world that share dreams in common with me. It’s a city for dreamers like me, but also a city for survivors, for people that love the journey of their dreams, that don’t give up and believe in themselves. It’s a melting pot that is always evolving, changing, following new trends, an industry that is adjusting to its digital era and people of power positions changing drastically. The best part is the new redesigned and remodeled DTLA, not to forget all the other neighborhoods that are getting more connected with the brand new subway system and it is a delight to watch how the city has already started preparing for the 2028 OLYMPIC GAMES! LA LA LAND FOREVER
I like how Los Angeles is very diverse and you are able to make connections with people you meet. Having everything close by as well because I know that in other places it is hard to find a store or anything near by.
What I like about Los Angeles is that we don't get any type of hurricanes or storms and stuff like that, all we get is Earthquakes and heat. What I don't like about Los Angeles is that I see a lot of trash and homeless people around.
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