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Good are filled with diverse opportunity. Located near the beach and near the mountains - suitable for all tastes. Excellent weather, neither too cold nor too hot.
There is a lot of diversity, great food, great music, and exciting things to do. But it can also be a difficult place to adjust to. The traffic is quite bad and parking is difficult which can be very frustrating. The weather is nice but can be monotonous. It is also very expensive.
What I like about LA:
-Has delicious food places
-Nice weather
-Has an annual fair in Korea-town, Los Angeles which is very exciting and fun
Review Los Angeles
so much can be done here! a little bit of everything all within driving distance! i can go from being at the beach on a hot summer day to snowboarding in the mountains and playing with snow when it's cold. love the city night life. every city has something great to offer. you will never be bored!
I like the diversity and how much people are open minded. I would like to see people be more open minded about each other and hopefully people can learn we are all the same no matter skin color.
Los Angeles is a great city overall. There is so much culture here to admire, there will always be something to do whether it be a family activity or more of adult activities. The downside of Los Angeles is that there are a lot of residents and visitors that the traffic is horrible especially during peak hours. Cost of living is also really high. But like I mentioned overall Los Angeles is great and I couldn't see myself living anywhere else.
I love the vibe of Los Angeles, the diversity of the people, jobs, and areas. I wish that traffic was not as backed up all of the time, and I wish that there was easier parking situations, and more parking spots. The food is excellent, and there is a ton of (free) and outdoor places to exercise.
I am born and raised in Los Angeles. I love it and really would never really want to live anywhere else. Every city has it bad places but Los Angeles allows for so many opportunities to thrive.
Los Angeles has made me feel at home right away. I live in a great neighborhood where I can walk to restaurants. Even though I have to drive to school I love my school and it's really not that far. The weather is also really nice.
One of the greatest things Los Angeles has going for it is its diversity and its convenience to practically everything. Los Angeles has a rich history and is a hub to many countercultures. Although I could go on about how great Los Angeles is as a city, there are many drawbacks to living here. The cost of living has gone up and has made life harder for those who either make little to no income. One thing I would like to see changed in this city, is its sense of urgency to help battle homelessness by providing housing.
Los Angeles is great for its diversity. Not many cities in the U.S. have such diverse cultures, languages, foods, ethnicities, and religions all within 20-30 minutes of each other. However, it is a difficult city to live in. It is expensive, there is a lot of traffic, and public transportation is only easily accessible in certain parts of the city.
Los Angeles is very well overpopulated, but mainly for all the attractions. A lot of 'famous' people live here to show that they can, but other people are drowning in bills. Los Angeles is simply overrated, overpopulated, and in pollution.
Los Angeles has great attractions and is culturally diverse. Negatives include traffic, smog, earthquakes, and the high cost of living. The people of Los Angeles are fairly friendly. However, when it comes to traffic and driving conditions everyone is stressed and can be very mean. The great thing about Los Angeles is that you are close to the beach and the moutains.
Los Angeles is a very diverse city with many locations to spend time outdoors and also there are several museums where one can go enrich their knowledge of many thingns.
Los Angeles is a compelling city. It not only offers all the entertainment the world could gather, but it provides a full range of career opportunities. From Universal Studios to NBC News one is always informed not only on what happens locally, but very well equipped with loads of international information. From the University of California, Los Angeles to the mayor Biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and Business companies, one can find the most appropriate ground for developing a career. Finally, the living style that the city offers depends absolutely on the person and his or her financial resources. This allows for absolute comfort and affordable living.
Los Angles is the center of world's film & television industry. It is known as the city of Angles.It is the eighth- most- populous city in the America.
Overpriced rents, illegal aliens galore, no parking, traffic jams galore. However....great restaurants. Daily screenings of films. Hiking trails. Film jobs.
Review Los Angeles
Great food, lots of cheap things to do as a local, lots of festivals and family friendly things to do. Very inviting atmosphere. Fun history hard job market if you don't have a specific trade. Lots of art and public art, lots of diversity and culture.
I love the weather. It's always nice here. And the people are nice as well. Easy to strike up a conversation when I'm out and about town. I can visit the beach, go to the movies, go to the forest, all within 30 minutes away. My family is here as well so that's a bonus.
I love Los Angeles, born and raised. Unfortunately, I would like to see the homeless issues resolved.
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