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The opportunities for public education are unparalleled. However, this is only due to a steady stream of funds from a mostly affluent community. There is virtually no nightlife. It is very difficult to move into the area because all rents and real estate purchase prices are so high.
Los Altos is known for being a very quiet and homey town. However, this also means that there's not a lot to do in the area; there is a downtown for people to shop and hang out, but it isn't like a typical busy and lively downtown like in other areas. The area is safe and everyone is friendly; a lot of students know each other from elementary all the way to high school.
Los Altos was a great place to grow up--many resources and safe. The competitive nature was a little too much sometimes. It would have helped to have more outlets/events to show students/kids that it is okay to be different.
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Los Altos is a quieter town and not much goes on. This can be nice if you prefer to be an environment that is not chaotic. However, it is very expensive and the competition among adults and students is stressful.
It's really homie and quiet. The people are really nice and the downtown is very warm. I have easy access to the highway and if you want something more active there are plenty of more busy downtown areas all around Los Altos.
Los Altos California is a wonderful place to live, and especially to raise children! It is safe and the people are usually very kind. The community areas like Downtown Los Altos are very quaint and have many local shopping opportunities. The schools here are also amazing, and provide so many resources to the students. Although, if you are someone who likes a more busy night life, this is not the place for you. There are very few places that are open after around 10PM. Also the housing market is very expensive.
Los Altos is a good, very friendly community. From the moment I first stepped foot in California, I've felt nothing but welcome.
Los Altos is a wonderful place to grow up. It is very safe, there education quality is very high, and there are many things to do for children of young ages. However, there is not much for teenagers or young adults to do and the few available options are expensive. The pressure to succeed and be involved in every extra curricular, internship, or club can be too much on students and I believe results in depression, anxiety, and loneliness.
Los Altos expensive (a "cheap" house - 1 story with 3 rooms - costs 2 BILLION dollars. The area is very tech-oriented (unsurprising given that it is in Silicon Valley). Safe with challenging and competitive schools.
Great town! Real estate is very expensive. Schools are very competitive and provide great preparation and opportunities for college. Los Altos has beautiful hiking in Rancho St Antonio Park. Robberies in Los Altos have become more common, especially during the day. Also, FedEx packages left on the porch are sometimes taken from homes.
Los Altos is a very quaint, safe, and friendly town! Schools here really emphasize STEM and digital art education, and the high schools allow students to be really independent, with its open campus policy. I'm always chilling at this local cafe downtown, but it's too overpriced for a small cup of coffee. However, its downtown and nightlife is awful, where shops close during the late afternoon, and the attractions in downtown, namely boutiques, banks, high-end bakeries, and doctor offices, don't appeal to the high-schoolers here.
Many great qualities of a small town. Everything is close enough to walk. Infrastructure of a small town with a rapidly growing population of great people.
Great , but expensive, small town in the South Bay! The downtown is really cute and every year around the holidays they have a parade with the local marching bands. So fun!
Very clean and safe. The neighborhood is diverse and interesting. Downtown area is cute and pleasant for strolling or afternoon lunches and brunches. Plenty of small, local businesses. Very small town feel.
I liked living in Los altos because the people are friendly and the environment is safe and very clean.
Living in Los Altos has shaped me into the person I am today. Even though there isn't a lot of diversity in Los altos, I feel like I wasn't necessarily sheltered. Being in such close proximity to cities like San Jose and San Francisco helped expose me to different cultures and identities. Los Altos has always been a safe community where I know I can walk outside alone or forget to lock my car and everything will be okay.
It's a good small town, but it's not great for young people. There are too many self-centered people here who think that they are better than everyone else, so it's hard to find a genuinely nice person here.
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I love Los Altos. The people are awesome, hardworking, and brilliant. The schools are great and push the students to learn the material as well as how to think.
I have lived in Los Altos for 18 years. It is a friendly, small town located between San Francisco and San Jose, California.
Los Altos is a bustling city with good food and nice, quiet places to hang out. There's not much going on downtown.
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