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I love the small town experience you get here in Loogootee, Indiana. I grew up here and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I love the community and how everyone knows everyone.
I love small town life and the perks that come with it. Getting to know the other people in town and how they come together in a time of need is amazing to see, There is not much to do around here, so you will expect people in the gas station and school parking lots at night. You will hear people complain about having nothing to do on a Friday night unless it is baseball or basketball season, then everyone is at the game. It is nice feeling safe in the town you live in. Not everyone can say they do.
While the town is small, there is virtually no crime. There isn't much to do in Loogootee, but you are surrounded by towns and cities that are a relatively short distance away that provide ample entertainment and shopping.
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Beautiful small town where everybody knows everybody. Absolutely love living in Loogootee and would love to have a career in town!
Small town with very hospitable people. The town feels very welcoming. There is a sense of pride in the community, although some parts of town are a little run down.
Very political for sports, education is mediocre, will not create a soccer team, does not have enough coaches for youth soccer, refuse to get a football team for the high demand they do have
I want to explore what life has to offer even if that means leaving town. I plan to do my best in college, so I can have a brighter future. There are not very many job opportunities in this town that I plan to study for, so I may have to move.
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