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Some of the people are still stuck in old hateful ways but for the most part the community is good. The pride parade every year makes me feel welcomed and Skyline High School is amazing.
I've lived here my entire life and it will always hold a special place in my heart. From the Sugar Beet factory to Sandstone Ranch, Longmont is the perfect in between of a big city and a small town.
Longmont is a great city! Friendly people and nice neighbors. The city is has great schools scattered all throughout the city. In fact, within a 2 mile radius of where I live, there are 2 elementary schools, 1 middle school, and 1 high school, all in one vicinity!
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I moved from Loveland to longmont five years ago, and its ok, I dont see me and my family staying more than 4 more years here, not to impressed with the culinary culture here, I would like to see more Eastern Mediterranean influence in the town, customer service needs work, and the postal delivery service is at a low, I have enjoyed the older generation of people I have met though, Thank you
Good city to live in, lots of parks and a great main street. Enough stores and entertainment to keep you busy. Beautiful views of the mountains, and only thirty minutes to an hour from being in the mountains. Lots of outdoor activity opportunities- cycling, running, and there's a good lake to canoe or kayak in.
Longmont is a growing town in boulder county, colorado and there is lots to do here. That being said, being a teenager here leaves little up to the imagination. In other words, being here is difficult because it is boring.
Longmont is a beautiful town that started out small, but has began to grow to become a very diverse and booming town. The community here is absolutly stunning, and the people here are from both young to old. There is lots of small little areas of Longmont, especially Main Street, that help to keep the old life of Longmont anew.
Longmont is a fast growing town inside of Boulder County. The Downtown District is doing an amazing job at creating more family friendly events all throughout the year that includes the entire community.
The people are kind. It is a beautiful place to live! The town is growing but it still has the small town vibe. The city of Longmont has several recreation centers that add a great environment to the community.
Longmont is a great place for families. St. Vrain Valley School District and the staff at all the schools have made education for students accessible in so many ways. They have allowed their students to explore and grow into areas that are needed in todays world. Such as giving the flexibility of online learning; partnering with local businesses to open up campuses such as the innovation center; and continuing the career development center. They are equipping all students with technology and access to college courses to jump start the college level learning while allowing the youth in the community to become part of the community through community envolvement. I am pleased and honored to be part of their program. Thank you to the district and all the staff for giving me a fantastic and meaningful four years.
Fun little town. Lots of good restaurants and stores. Very family friendly. Close to Boulder but far from the highway.
Smaller city, good food but not great social opportunities. Schooling is adequate but mostly average. Movie theater was recently added to town, as well as a shopping center. Overall, 3/5.
There are a lot of drug abuse here but overall the city is pretty nice and has some really interesting places like laser tag, escape rooms and our own little museum.
Longmont is pretty cute and quiet. There are new places to eat and drink popping up all the time, and a great art community. The only downside is that it is pretty expensive to live here.
Longmont is great for the simple fact that everything you need is here; or near. Denver & Fort Collins are just a hop skip & a jump away. Longmont has grown so much in the past 10 years, so for those moving in looking for a smaller feel; it's perfect, for those of us who are used to actually being in small-town Longmont; it's definitely grown to the point that it feels a bit overwhelming at times. I do however appreciate the growth and the community.
I have lived in Longmont since I was 2 months old. It has been a journey living in longmont and I had some ups and downs growing up. Yet, longmont environment is very nice and comforting to live. Longmont population is starting to expand more and prices for apartments, townhouses, and houses are starting rise up. Not just only Longmont that is getting expensive to live and expanding, but the whole entire cities of Colorado are starting to expand and prices are ridiculously to expensive to live. Yet, then again Longmont will always be my hometown and place to call home.
I have lived in Longmont, CO for the last 4 years. It was an adjustment coming here from Orange County, CA. The transition hasn't been easy as there is much more crime and drug use in the area than Irvine. However, the people are supportive, enjoy the outdoors, their is more focus on supporting small businesses and each other. The scenery is amazing as well. What could be better than looking out at snowcapped mountains most days? The affordability of the town is also wonderful. I live in a safe neighborhood, in a beautiful house. I know all of my neighbors and feel like this is generally a good place to be raised.
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Longmont is a strong Suburban Family Town. A lot of small restaurants in a community supportive of small business while also welcoming in some larger companies. Though lacking in exciting night life, there are plenty of good restaurants and bars present along with Boulder and Denver being close by.
It is a great little town with multiple minor problems that could be fixed to make Longmont even better. We could provide better housing for the homeless population to keep them off the streets, we could also spend a little more money on the infrastructure of the town, as some of the streets are run down.
The most boring town in the world. It's really safe and "family friendly" and outdoorsy but if you're a young person who wants to have fun, your options are pretty limited and you have to drive a while to get to anything remotely interesting. This whole town feels like it was only made for less expensive housing for people who work in Boulder or Denver. There's only houses, apartments, and grocery stores with none of its own attractions. There isn't even a mall in this town. I can't wait to move.
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