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It is a good area to have a family in as it is very safe and has a really good education system. However most young people get very tired of it quickly as there isn’t much to do. It can be fun if you make it but overall there isn’t much to do.
It’s a very small town. Not much to do until you search for that one really good pizza spot or hunt down the Dunkin’ Donuts. Very kind residents and very safe environment.
I really enjoy living in Long Valley. The schools are great and I feel my children are getting a good education. The area is beautiful.
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Long Valley is such an amazing place. It is a small town in New Jersey that most people have never heard of, but I love it. Farms and beautiful hiking trails make up the majority of the town so many people will say that it is boring, but the more you learn about the town and the people in it, you see that it is quite an interesting little town. Downtown Long Valley has recently been blessed with the ever so popular coffee shop, The Coffee Potter. This little shop believes in peace, equality, and love. The outside of the store consists of painted rocks that many children have created saying things like "you are beautiful" or "you deserve a good day". Customers are welcome to pick one up on their way out and reimburse the "Rock Garden" on their next visit. That is something I will always remember about Long Valley. The people are so loving towards one another and everyone knows everyone so it makes for a community that truly feels like a family.
Small town, but very cute town. Not too far of a drive from more populated areas. Can be a bit expensive to live, though a lot of the stat of new jersey is a bit on the expensive side.
Long Valley is a beautiful town to live in. You don't appreciate it as much when you are younger being that there is not much to do nearby, but you definitely do as you get older. If you enjoy hiking it is close to a lot of beautiful trails and also not far from the city.
Overall this is a great town, and I have wonderful things to say about it. It is a quiet spread out town, with loads of people. During the summer there is a lot going on and lots of trails to hike, bike, or go for a walk. There are a lot of good parks and places to eat. The only complaint I would have about this town is that there is not a lot going on during the winter, as everybody seems to just settle in their homes for the colder months.
Being able to grow up in the town of Long Valley, New Jersey has been an amazing experience growing up. While my review for diversity, affordability, and nightlife I rate the town as 5 stars overall because you can go to other local towns for good nightlife, despite the high cost of living here there are options of cheaper and more affordable homes, and town really can not do anything about increasing the diversity of the town. The best thing about living in Long Valley is the safety, not only is it one of the safest towns in New Jersey it has been consistently ranked as one of the safest in America. This is mainly because of the good and friendly people living in the town, and the police department which is very popular among the public.
Long Valley is a very safe and tight-knit community. Everyone here is nice and welcoming. But there is a severe lack in diversity! I think the town could only benefit from being more diverse, though it's hard because of how rural we are. No one knows about us!
Great town! Raised our family here for 14 years ... you will love it here. Schools are excellent and resudents are very friendly.
Nice, safe town. Beautiful scenery during all 4 seasons. Geographically comprised of both a valley and Schooley's mountain. Previously established as Germantown, and has a large rail system running through the town called "Columbia Trail" (previously a rail line). The center of town has adorable antique shops and a newly opening coffee shop as well as a hair salon, bagel shop, and pizza places among other things inhabiting the old Germantown buildings.
Long Valley is a great town to live. WE have both shopping and farms. You can drive down the street and see horses, some residents have chickens. We have all the conveniences, 1 hour away from New York City and all four seasons.
People will help out if they know there is a need
People maintain their houses. Things are kept up.
There are many community minded people in this town. We look out for each other.
Homes are kept up and we'll maintained
People are very active and interested in their children's live. There are a lot of parent volunteers in the schools
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THere is basically no crime in this town, although every once in a while, teenagers will break into cars. There is some drugs in the schools
My town recently was listed as the 4th safest town in country. It's a nice combination of farm life - some people have chickens and horses and are farmers and we a close to shopping
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