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Long Grove is a beautiful, small suburban area. The people are kind and the neighborhoods are safe and clean!
Long Grove is a precious little suburb outside of Chicago. The down town area has been mostly conserved from what remained as of decades ago. This includes an old mill farm now turned into a bakery, a historic covered bridge, and cobblestone brick sidewalks that haven't been touched since they were first played down. In addition, the town hosts four festivals every year including chocolate fest and apple fest which brings the town to life and the streets flood with people. As for the people in the town, the town is also filled with the friendliest shop owners that one could ask for. They are your typical small town retailers who know all the regulars by name and never fail to greet you with a smile. This said, the only reason I cannot give five stars is due to the fact that new owners are beginning to disrupt this "old time" town and modernize it. By inserting slot machines into a classic town tavern, they are slowly disrupting the image.
Very peaceful and quiet here. Very isolated and one with nature. My neighborhood has lots of nature all around with trees, squirrels, deer, etc. Friendly neighbors and just a good quiet place to live in.
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We've lived in Long Grove for 10+ years and love it. The large lots, forest and great conservation areas make it feel so private and pastoral, yet it's close to everything with good train service into the city on two different lines. And the best high school in the state (Adlai Stevenson) in my opinion! Downtown LG (meaning the village proper) took a hit in the recession but it is coming back with several new restaurants and businesses now open. Still very atmospheric and New-Englandy.
This town is quite historic, people from all over come to visit it during all of the seasonal festivals. The town is very into decorating for all of the holidays and festivities. It is quant and wants to remain a historical town rather an upgraded town. The food places are very good and the shops are cute - slightly overpriced. The residents are all friendly and welcoming. It is very safe yet still close to other major stores like grocery stores and pharmacies.
Be careful as to what subdivision you purchase in. Just because you live in Long Grove and pay the ridiculous taxes doesn't mean you are going to get the great schools especially elementary and middle schools! You pay an arm and a leg and taxes and get the crap schools!
Love Long Grove. They need a revitalization of their 'downtown' area. Long Grove has such a great character however many businesses have gone out of business and they need to add in more restaurants and destination shops. We love the festivals in Long Grove including Apple Fest, Chocolat Fest and Irish Fest.
This area has always been a friendly and welcoming environment where education accelerates immensely with both academics and athletics. I am glad to have been raised in this suburb and consider myself to be lucky.
Downtown Long Grove has sadly diminished and has hardly any customers. During the week the town is empty. The businesses in this town have gone downhill and only seem to have people during their festivals.
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