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It's a small town, but I have lived here all my life! Housing is cheaper than in town, we don't have to pay for every drop of water we use, and you can basically walk anywhere you need to go!
There is a little vandalism every once in a while but the police come through town all the time because of the highway that runs through it. I won't go out at night however, I don't thinks it's safe enough for a young woman to go out alone.
It's not the best but it's not the worst. I don't mind living there but I would like to live in a house eventually. The neighbors are alright. Most of them are good but I avoid a few of them.
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The police are amazing. I always feel safe and have no need to worry. From going to games and concerts, access to help is always there. They work hard for our safety and should be proud on what they do.
I moved in this area almost 7 years ago. There is a lot of opportunities and activities that became more available than before. Summer is the best time of year to go float the rivers, go to concerts, or hike the M. Winter is also great, there is many ski hills nearby. The community is outstanding, every one is nice and caring. There is a lot of places and activities to do, its one great adventure.
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