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I just moved to Logan Township a few months ago, and I am really enjoying my time here. Overall, the town is probably considered "average" but I see Logan Township, and surrounding Altoona, PA, as a place with great potential. I would love to see more community activities for children and adolescents in the downtown area that is being redeveloped.
we have high drug use in the area
its a nice place to live an older area, not a lot of job opportunities besides med field and transportation.
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There's a lot of crimes aND vandalism that goes on but I've definitely heard of worse cities
not a lot of crime
there's a lot to do here
We experience all four season with the summer being comfortably hot, the spring be rainy, but warm, the autumn being chilly, and the winter being very cold and snowy.
There are many options when it comes to restaurants in my area
Everyone can find a job but it will not necessarily be ideal.
We have a variety of popular stores and mom and pop shops. Many of the business in my area is in restaurants and grocery stores there are a couple department stores and clothing stores too. I have never not found something I needed or wanted close by.
there could be some more variety, but overall there's a good bit to do.
Wish we had more things to do..
I mean, they try their best.
really good places to eat!!
I mean, I guess its alright
Its hard to get a job if you're not qualified.
We tend to be born here and stay here
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Always somewhere new to explore!
We always seem to be fixing roads and sidewalks.
We have two amusement parks and a baseball team
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