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Lodi is a fairly safe and clean town. There isn't much to do here, but there is a bustling park and library along with quite a few restaurants. Also, the educational system isn't the best but still growing.
I have lived in Lodi my whole life. As a town there is many community events, specials, and history withing Lodi. In the 17 years, I have experienced many exciting things from street fairs to concerts. Lodi is very diverse and welcomes very warmly, everyone. It has many great eateries, from European, Asian, or classic American. There is also many gyms, shops, and stores, along with many job oppertunities.
The schools are mediocre at best, with some major scandals involving teachers, low SAT scores and too few students continuing their education in college. Crime is increasing and there are many negative influences for children to encounter as the grow and socialize. Upward social mobility is limited.
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Ive lived here 19 years of my life. It’s a great area for families. Wide variety of activities for kids. Everyone is very friendly and willing to lend a helping hand.
Living in Lodi is convenient; there are numerous shops, restaurants, grocery stores, and fast food places that are available. Lodi also provides gyms such as Blink Fitness and LA Fitness, which allow Lodi residents to utilize for their workout routines. Although Lodi may be convenient, the public education system is not exactly the best. Elementary school was alright for me, and it allowed me to properly transition into middle school without any complaints. However, I couldn't fully enable myself in middle school, and it left me uncomfortable with my peers. Thomas Jefferson Middle School did not promote socializing as much, and it was bad for me, since I was shy back then. Going into high school was a fun experience; freshman year was the best, and the principal always promoted being proactive. Although the activities in school were fun, education was not exactly the best. For example, in my junior year, I was left with no teacher in honors chemistry
I love Lodi, it is such a great town. People are so nice and the town and well kept. There are so many different things to do here. The people surrounding this town are so nice and helpful. If you ever need anything you can always ask one of your neighbors and they will gladly help you out.
I have been leaving in this town for 7 years now. From my experience, Lodi is very family-friendly. It is a safe, calm, small town that is very central and surrounded by relatively safe towns. It offers public transportation and there are couple train stations that takes you to the city. I attended to Lodi High School, and I can say it was a great choice. Academically excelling and very safe for students.
It is a very well-knot community. Most people know each other which is a very nice thing. There is a lot of diversity via culture. The town has at least two highways for easy and accessible transportation. It is a pretty safe and well protected town. Close to New York City for city jobs.
Very quiet but boring town, is good for families who want an average life. There are parks and a library nearby, and you can get to new york pretty easily from here, so if you get bored (you will) you can go to the city and have fun.
Lodi has a friendly environment including the people, places, parks, etc. The people you find here are open to new people and welcome you like you've lived here all your life.
I grew up here and what I like about it is the diversity and the easy access to public transportation. Small town but still has many stores to shop around and people are friendly there. Schools are Ok.
I recently moved to Lodi, New Jersey only a year ago. I have grown to the environment around me and feel like it is a beautiful place to live for just about anyone. My surroundings involve many people ranging from young to old, there are many school districts, grocery stores, coffee shops, and small businesses in the area. The small town "vibe" I have always be accustomed to because I, myself, grew up in a very small town so to me Lodi feels more like home that any place has felt like.
It's small, but there's not a whole lot to do sometimes. Because of the lack of activities, kids will often struggle to find things to do.
I have been living in Lodi since 2017. I love this town is quiet and super clean. Where my house is located everything is close, gym, supermarket, drugstore and clothes stores. I found this town excellent for living.
Lodi is a decent town to live in. It's very clean and the schools systems are great. Most parks, stores and banks are in walking distances.
When I first moved to Lodi 15 years ago I thought it was a very nice town. But it’s been deteriorating. Most of the nice neighbors I had sold their houses. It’s sad that the new home owners are just horrible people. We are considering moving because it’s so bad. Parking is another issue now because all these new people have multiple cars they save spaces for their other cars! Not a hello or even a nod when confronted with these people. It’s a shame because you can see the difference year after year. Waiting for our children to finish school and we’re out!
Quiet, clean and close to stores and new shopping centers are being built throughout the city. However parking is horrible!
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Lodi is nice and quite but some parts flood easily and public works takes months (or up to a year) to fix the roads after snow storms. Schools are decent and houses and taxes are high since it is so close to NYC.
What I like about Lodi is that it is a safe place to live. It is a small town however that’s what makes it so great. The Boys&Girls Club is within short distance from any starting point in Lodi and is a great place for kids to go instead of hanging out in the streets. I spent most of my childhood growing up in the boys and girls club. Also Lodi has recreational sports for kids such as baseball and soccer.
i grew up in lodi my entire life started off as a good town but slowly declined. public schools suck rent is high.
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