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Livonia is a great city for families. The schools are quality and safe. I've been to the upper elementary and high school. Had a good experience at both. The locals are questionable. Kind've hard to fit in with for me. Jobs are pretty easy to get. Nightlife is not really existent. Not much to do here.
I love that city that I grew up in and currently live in. Livonia has a great sense of community, is a safe place and has great schools.
Livonia is very clean and safe city to live in and if you need the police they will come to assist you. Our services are the top of the line and very professional and refine neighborhoods. Our trash is always picked up on time and the streets are well maintain. People are very nice and there is always something to do in Livonia.
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Great place to live!

Their police department does very sketchy things like drive around neighborhoods with their lights off. I was almost hit by them, not once, but twice.
Living in Livonia is great! It is very family oriented, filled with many homes and great people. It has been a great place to grow up in, and I am looking forward to starting a family of my own here someday.
Livonia has three high schools which makes it very easy to have friends all over the city. The sense of community is strong and is shown by the number of activities pt on by the city of livonia.
Lots of opportunities for many different experiences. Good schooling and lots of different things to see and do.
livonia is a very nice place to live, the only thing I dislike about my hometown is that there isn't very much to do here besides go out to eat.
Livonia is great place to live. It is a very safe city with an excellent police force, a very good public school system and a lot of things to do.
I grew up in Livonia and it was a great community. I went to school there Kindergarten through high school and I made a lot of great friends and formed good relationships. Livonia has always been a pretty safe community. The neighborhood that I grew up in became a great community to me, almost like family. We were all very close and aware of what was happening in our own neighborhood as well as our city. The city is very good about making the community fun and involving everyone. There are sports teams for children to partake in and carnivals and fairs. There is a community recreational center that includes amenities like a pool, workout equipment, a track, a rock wall, a play fort for children, and more! Overall, Livonia is a great community to live in.
Livonia is a great location to live in. 20 minutes west of Detroit and neighboring city to Novi, Plymouth, Ann Arbor, Farmington, West Bloomfield, and so many more great cities. Plus it costs less to live here.
The citizens of Livonia all look out for each other and make Livonia a warm, welcoming, friendly place to live. There are lots of fun things for families to do in Livonia. Unfortunately, crime rates have gone up in Livonia recently, however I feel like it's not because it's Livonia, it seems as though crime rates are going up everywhere in the world sadly. Livonia is a great place to live, work, and raise my daughter and I'd highly recommend it to anyone.
Livonia has a great small town feel with big city amenities. The only thing missing is a great downtown area.
I like livonia there is a variety of different restaurants close by.It is also a relatively safe environment to live, this is a very family friendly place to grow up. There is also a diverse population that makes everyone feel welcome.
I live here and its a very nice community. everything is done as a community in Livonia. All my neighbors' are nice and friendly. We all help each other. Its a safe community.
Great community surrounded by convenience of shops and neighboring cities with amenities.
The housing market is plentiful with moderate prices south of 5 mile. The neighborhood cities of Canton, Westland and Plymouth provides diverse and many options for employment, shopping, activities.
Livonia (where I live) is very close to freeways: 97, 275.
I have been living in Livonia, Michigan for almost five years. Every memories I have experience was amazing. From going to high school events to food. There's nothing I want to go back and change.
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Our family moved to Livonia almost 60 yrs ago when I was 13. I went to high school and college here. We raised our chikdren here. This is a great city.
Best Police and Fire Depts... A very safe city. We are close to Detroit, Plymoith, Northville, Ann Arbor etc... There are many attractions and things to do close by. Many job opportunites also. Our family loves this city!
Great place overall but safety seems to be changing. Family friendly, affordable, great access to main roads and major highways along with an established business market in the area.
Very centrally located, reasonably priced, good schools, and nice neighbors. There is a great community center and a nice senior center, a beautiful library and programs available for all ages. Livonia is also becoming more diverse which is a great benefit to the community.
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