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Livingston has a handful of benefits including high ranking public schools. On the other hand, the residents of Livingston are not very inclusive when it comes to trying to bring the community together. Livingston also has little activities or places to go around town. Yes, there are restaurants, but there is no place to peacefully walk through the town after a dinner out or strip malls for shopping.
A very quiet and safe small town. Love the public school system, the teachers are great. There is not that much diversity, mostly Jewish people. Many people are affluent and the taxes are very high.
The main reason people live here is town's public schools, especially middle and high. Other than that it's not really family or newcomer friendly - high real estate prices and taxes, commute not the best (public transportation options are very limited, busses often running late, parking at neighboring towns for train can be a headache at certain time of the day). I lived there for 10 years and had this feeling that people of the town are divided: there is a nice, friendly mixed crowd, and then there's self-righteous entitled-to-all affluent. Drug problem in higher grades schools is very present. Most teachers are wonderful and open-minded. Township government seems to be stuck in eternal friends-for-friends type of management, many incompetent people there. Nightlife non existent, some nice restaurants, but for more diverse menu you'd have to go to surrounding towns.
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Livingston has a great school district and is a very safe town. There is not much to do, as there is no downtown area, but it is a great town in which to grow up.
Livingston provides great education. The transition between kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high school is very well designed.
Livingston has excellent schools, lots of green and it is pretty safe.
Shopping is very easy, lots of stores nearby. Properties are not very cheap but you can find a bargain. There are some reasonable housing, but there are also very expensive ones.
Livingston is a town that is known for their public school education. Even now, although I have graduated from Livingston Public Schools I am aware that their remote learning plan is one of the most advanced for the area. In comparison to other nearby towns they have really set the bar high for remote education.
Livingston Township is a small town where everywhere is friendly and neighbors on the same street seem to know each other. It is a diverse area, there are many special events that happen throughout the year, such as the firework show in July.
Very nice, clean town. The people are pretty nice in general. Shopping and dining is limited though-- most people I know usually go to neighboring towns for this. This town is best known for its schools. That's why taxes are really high.
My grandparents moved to Livingston when they first had my mother. She had always loved the atmosphere of this unified town. After college, she decided to move back and raise me and my sister here. I was born and raised in Livingston and I wouldn't have it any other way. There is always something to do; whether it be walking into the Town Center with friends, going to the mall, or attending the various events held in town. Although I moved away to attend college, I will always find Livingston to be my home. I am proud of where I grew up and plan to move back to raise my children there as well!
I absolutely loved growing up in Livingston. The school is amazing, I do wish when I was in the public school system that I did take advantage of all they do offer. Very small town, everyone knows everyone and love to help neighbors out. Truly a great place to raise a family.
I grew up there and loved it. It is however filled with very affluent families who do not have a lot of exposure to other ways of life and are not down to earth.
A good, classic suburb. Lots of shops and beautiful residential areas. Very convenient for a family with K-12 kids. However, not a reasonable place to live if you are a family without dependent kids, as the high price comes from the great school systems.
It's a safe, clean neighborhood with a convenient location. Livingston has easy access to the highway and route 10, where there is endless options for food, shopping, and entertainment. Livingston is also located near two malls, Livingston and Short Hills. Their food options are great, although you'll find a pizzeria on every turn. It's also a great place for nails or hair, although they can be on the pricey side. Overall, very good experience. The only downside is the attitude that some people may have here.
It's a safe town with great public schools. However, some of the people in Livingston seem very culturally insular.
Livingston is a residential suburb with a great school system. However, it lacks in entertainment and restaurants.
Livingston, NJ is a great town for families. The public schools provide a pristine education leading to many post high school opportunities such as college and jobs. Majority of the homes are averaged sized yet there are many larger and smaller ones as well. There are a few places to eat that have become very popular but the surrounding towns offer much more. Livingston has become much more diverse than in the past and the area is likely the safest around. There is practically no crime whatsoever.
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It's a very Jewish town and people range from some of the richest in the state to living check to check.
It's a quiet town that doesn't have a lot going on. They have a lot of nail salons, but I wish they had more indoor activites for students. Sports are a big thing as we have a lot of public areas for outdoor activites.
Livingston is a great town. The services provided are second to none. It offers an abundance of cultural activities within town or very close by.
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