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I was born and raised in Live Oak. It’s a small town where everybody knows everybody. It’s great to raise a family. There is a strong sense of community here, people are not afraid to ask their neighbors for help or to try to help anyone in the community as much as they can. It has great schools with teachers who really care about there students. The small businesses can make anybody from out of town feel like they are a local. The Penny Candy Shop is an excellent spot to get amazing candy and good snow cones, locals love it.
I love Live Oak. It is a small community where everyone knows everyone. We have a lot of community events and nature is surrounded all around us. As Live Oak residents we enjoy the Feather River and all our local parks. Live Oak is a thriving rural community with many reasonably priced new homes, good local schools, and nearby colleges. Everything is nearby with Chico and Sacramento less than an hour away. If i could improve anything t would be the night life and more activities to do in our city. We lack entertainment but that can be an easy fix.
Live Oak is a quiet little suburb in Santa Cruz county with a natural air conditioner in the form of the Pacific Ocean. It is a sleepy town but it isn't boring since the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is well within walking distance from most points in town and there shopping districts aplenty to scratch most itches. It is a beautiful place to live, even on those foggy and overcast days, as long as you can afford the high cost of living here. Real Estate is far from cheap and the Silicon Valley gurus moving in and driving up the prices only exacerbate that fact, but if you can afford it, there are fewer places that are better to raise a family in.
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Not much crime, police are a joke.
It's a nice place to live. Although, I would like to move away as soon as possible.
crime is at its worst,every week I read or hear about drug busts or cars being stolen.I feel its so unfair for my parents who don't have much that the little they do have can be stolen from them at any given time since then rate of theft has reached an all time high.I never fell safe walking alone at night and i would never allow my mother to walk alone at night in our town.our police is a sub station so calls I believe go through another sheriff office before any police responds to any crime in this town. i rarely see police at night so that itself is a reason to fell unsafe. Our schools should have programs where youth can go and unwind after a stressful day at school. We as students especially seniors have a lot to deal with in terms of senior project,sports and practice,overall homework is massive.I don't know how teachers expect us to succeed in class when we are exhausted at the end of a school day ,the teachers still load us up with homework,making it impossible to even spend quality time with my mother or even a friend.
I feel my small town does not have enough to do in regards to our youth. I do enjoy living near my friends who i drew up with and care for but soon we all will be grown up and going our seperate ways in life so i would have to say i rather live in a larger town if it were up to me. My towns future does not seem promising in terms of growth or economy.In ranking this town to a bigger city ,there is no comparison and that is the sad truth.
My town is too small so people don't come here to visit. Mostly for family visit. But we are the only one that has Penny Candy Store, its very popular and well known
I live in Central Valley so we don't get snow but it doesn't get too hot.
My favorite restaurant here is Pizza Factory. They have the best pizza ever, many who aren't local are recommended to eat there. If they don't like pizza or want something healthier, there is subway across the street
We are surrounded by orchard so majority of the people here work in the field.
I live in a small town so most of the business here are gas station. The biggest store we have here is the Dollar General Store.
I've never been in most businesses, but most look like they have been there for decades.
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