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Littleton has been rated one of the safest towns in Massachusetts. We have a very responsive police force and a very low crime rate. I personally feel very privileged to live in a such a clean area. But if there is one thing that often irks me is that, honestly, you do not need 2+ police vehicles to pull over a car. Unless there's some kind of bust going on, which would seem odd in the area, you do not need two officers at a scene where a grandmother with two children in her back seat might have forgotten to turn on her directional. I'm not trying to criticize our police department but coming from an environment where there actually exists a high crime rate I find it a bit ridiculous.
Growing up in a very Urban setting and then moving to Littleton, I have had a very different experience living in such a quiet environment compared to that of city life. The atmosphere is generally warm and friendly, however lacks diversity. Surrounding towns often have something to say about how many conservatives live in this area. From the perspective of white America this town would, as my mother will often say, feel very "Mayberry", a reference to an early telivion show on a seemingly "perfect town".

I have found myself come across examples of intolerance from people living here, which I have very strong negative feelings towards. In the center of town, for a few months, stood the state's "Trump Headquarters". I'll try not to include too much personal biased here. However, it was at that point I became uncomfortable with the thought of living next to people who do not feel compassion for certain groups of people other than their own.

I would not want to live here again, not just because I do not feel as though this town is progressive enough, but also because life goes too slow for me. Personally I enjoy a busy setting and tons of diversity. I feel most comfortable in an area where a multitude of cultures can mix and coexist.

Recently the town has been becoming more developed, a new plaza has just opened including restaraunts, retail and even a movie theatre. It's very exciting and different for people who may have lived here before these new developments. It brings new opportunity for jobs and activities in the area. It is my hope that through this development neighboring towns will intermingle and perhaps different groups of people will eat and leisure amongst each other making Littleton a little more diverse and hopefully make people a little more tolerant to things different ot heir own.
It is a nice enough town, the good old boy network is really entrenched and controls the town- more so than in most towns.
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I'm still young so haven't had the opportunity to really have a great paying job so I guess this really isn't for me to say.
We have a decent amount of small successful businesses.
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