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I love Little River because it is between Calabash and North Myrtle Beach, which are both equally amazing. Little River is full of hidden treasures, great food, and fantastic people. Attractions include taking a walk down the beach, or taking a hike in the nearby Vareen Gardens. Young or old there is a always something fun to experience.
I love Little River. i have been living here majority of my life and i wouldn't change anything. The environment is great.
Little River is a city just over the bridge of North Myrtle Beach. North Myrtle Beach High School is located in Little River so it’s right next door, which makes the commute really easy. Little river is five minutes from the beach and North Myrtle Beach is where all tourist go visit which makes it the best place to work during the summer. It’s a really friendly, diverse community. I’m able to go outside for a walk at night time without fearing for my life. Since Little River isn’t on the beach side, that makes the houses a lot more affordable and they are also extremely nice.
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I've lived here most of my life and feel its a great place to live, if your looking for a laid back suburb of NMB that is Little River. Its rich in history about pirates and railroads I wish there were more places to show that. Like the Methodist Church where John Whitley preached, to the fort hardly anyone knows about.
I've lived here since the day I was born. I have always loved my hometown. It's a bustling little fishing town where everyone knows each other and you're never far from good cooking. Casino boats, fishing boats and good seafood are never far away, either. Unfortunately the drug scene has gotten worse over the years and heroin is taking over just like it is everywhere else. I hope that it one day resolves and my sweet little fishing town is once more sweet.
Most people in this town are very nice and friendly. They are very caring and loving as well. Great town to be in!
Little River is great because it's on the coast of SC but also has a small town feel. It's cozy and yet in just a short drive, you can get to the restaurants and retail in North Myrtle Beach.
I have lived in Little River, South Carolina almost my entire life. I do not plan on leaving. The area is so wonderful and is surrounded by beach, wildlife, and amusing attractions. Also, as a current student at a local high school I can tell you that the education system is great and really cares about its students. You cannot go wrong with Little River
My husband and I moved here in 2007. For us, we love this area. Little river is in a great location between calabash, north Carolina and north myrtle beach, south Carolina. We now have 2 young children and they are happy, healthy and thriving. We get the best of both worlds, busy city like environment in the summer and a ghost town environment in the winter.
My experience in Little River has been monotonous yet interesting . The people who live here are friendly, good-natured, and they always greet others with a smile. The area is compacted and residents must travel at least 30 minutes to participate in entertaining activities. Since the city is not large, many stores are accessible. Not to mention that I am five minutes away from my base high school. Not only do I enjoy being close to a variety of places, but I also enjoy the festivals and parades we consist of every year. From the St. Patrick's Parade to the Christmas Parade, all of them are filled with robust and vigorous energy. There's absolutely nothing that I would alter about the city I stay in because it could always be worse.
I wish we would have a more sanitary enviroment, and our highways need to be mowed and pot holes need to be filled. Other than that we have a little bit of everything.
The crime in my area doesn't change and it isn't that bad because it is not a huge city.
I don't enjoy living at the beach. It is nice, but I like cold weather so this is the place for me.
Growing up in Little River/the North Myrtle Beach area was great because I always felt that there was a lot to do and I never felt like crime was a major issue. I would choose to live here again if I could do it all over again. I feel like it is average compared to everywhere else in the country and I see a lot of growth and development in the future for this area.
It is pleasant most of the year but financial hardship is common and tourists really take over the area half of the year.
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