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Litchfield is a small town. The crime is low, good police and fire department. It can be very hard to find jobs in Litchfield. Plenty of sports and very family orented. Litchfield is a small suburb of Manchester and Manchesters population is 80,000.
Litchfield is a lovely small town, although it has grown since I grew up here. My husband and I moved our family back here 18 years ago and have been blessed to raise our family here. Wonderful, friendly neighborhoods, great staff at all the schools and lovely wooded town. Great sports programs and well maintained fields.
Most properties and well maintained and the overall area looks well kept and tidy
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I have good relations both in the community and with my neighbors.
I feel safe in Litchfield, NH there is crime, in town in the bigger communities like Manchester and Nashua there is of course more criminal activity but at home I feel safe.
The area I live in is very residential but we are a quick car ride from the Northeast coast, White Mountain Range, Ski mountains, lakes, and our closest big city, Boston is about an hour away. Weather is seasonally nice and other than navigating snow storms, very nice climate for all sorts of activities.
Great family friendly town with lots of farms
Good restaurants that are small local owned businesses
I have a great local job, there are a lot of opportunities for teens in this town but not many businesses where you can find a big job
Pizza places and restaurants around here are really good. We don't have any shops and retail stools but all the restaurants are highly recommendable.
People from New Hampshire often are very proud of the nature in the state. We enjoy the outdoors and take pride in our beautiful state. The spaces are very green and there is little pollution.
There is a wide variety of restaurants in the Manchester area. There are restaurants such as the Olive Garden, Masa and TGIFridays right near the Mall of New Hampshire. There are also plenty of smaller restaurants that people enjoy to eat at as well. I have heard fairly good things about the bar and nightlife in the area. I would not say it is the best but there are a few places to choose from depending on what you have in mind.
Manchester is one of the busiest cities in New Hampshire and because of that, I feel as though we do have a variety of job opportunities. I may not necessarily say it is the best however, a lot happens in this city and surrounding towns and there are definitely some employers looking to hire.
There is a great variety of stores in the Manchester area. For the most part, you can get everything you need there. There is a balance of big companies versus small businesses.
People for the most part are great. Very friendly, involved in the community.
We know all who we elected practically personally because it is such a small town. This can be good and bad but mostly I see it as positive because there is always a chance for the selectman to interact with residents and receive reviews.
You always see people running, biking, or local sports going on. They seem to care of appearances so that plays into effect.
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I feel safe and comfortable here. It is where I grew up.
We keep the community clean, recycle, and there's not enough big business to destroy the air. We are practically country living in southern, NH
We have enough jobs where if you needed one you'd get it. However the diversity plays into effect because it has less options for types of careers
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