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Very little crime in this area due to being in a tri-county area and all of the police departments work together.
this area has some of the best scenes of wildlife and a overall nature experience. Living next to a nature reserve (which can be hunted) has many perks. From seeing the local deer population enter the yard along with pheasants can cause one to feel like they are living with these animals but still have the ability to have the amity of living near the cities.
There are a variety of different housing styles. On the lakes there are quite fancy houses, and there's a local trailer park, and any type of house in between. Not many houses are vacant, but that also depends on the area of the neighborhood.
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The majority of the neighbors are friendly but there are many people that keep to themselves, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. A lot of new families have moved in recently so there are usually always children in the area, and people tend to stay in the area for a long time. We had a neighborhood watch program when I was younger but it has become less prevalent now.
I feel safe, and always notice the local police driving along the roads but they aren't too intrusive. Some areas of the town are in need of more patrolling, but overall I'm satisfied.
There isn't anything extremely fantastic, and there aren't any parks or sidewalks within walking distance, but that's because it's fairly undeveloped and I enjoy that about the location. And they are putting up streetlights along the roads, and the local gas station I am employed at is renovating, so the area id improving.
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