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Norwalk has a lot of outdoor activities but some of these activities are unknown by the citizens.
I feel very safe in this area. Crime rarely happens due to the fact that we are a farming community and a lot of farmers look out for eachother.
Public services are very well managed and it seems to me as if we have a good hold on what our community needs to succeed.
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Norwalk's weather is decent, but we do on occasion have tornadoes that can cause a lot of damage to homes and farms.
Norwalk is a growing town and the employment is growing with it. All of the new businesses coming to Norwalk provide a lot of new jobs for the citizens. Occasionally a store may close up because it cannot afford the rent but usually another shop opens up in its place and tries to take over. I would say the overall job situation is pretty good.
A local shop we have goes by the name of Villagio's. Villagio's is a locally owned italian joint that sells pizza, pasta and all sorts of Italian dishes. They offer weekly night specials, including thursday night cavatelli. Villagio's seems like it is doing well and hopefully it will stay open.
I will be reviewing Scotts Foods, which is a local grocery store that is family owned and operated. Scotts Foods is owned by a local resident named Scott Haven. Scott is an active member in the community and he donates a lot to the schools for sports programs and booster clubs. He has been in business for a very long time, but recently we just got a Fareway foods, and there are plans that we will be getting a Hy-Vee soon. Unfortunately Scotts foods will probably have to close its doors after so many years of service due to the fact that the bigger stores are coming in.
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