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Beautiful, clean , with great parks . Not far from stores and amenities. A very nice place for people of all ages. Feels safe. Great bike trail. Fantastic restaurants. Friendly neighbors. I love it here!
Great Community to live and raise children in! Great Sense of community and public schools are excellent.
Good schools but not the best community. There is no sense of community here and no one shows compassion. It is not the type of neighborhood where you know who your neighbor is. When we moved in, only one of our neighbors down the street came and introduced themselves. It is also a very overpriced area. There are not enough grocery stores or places to buy stuff at. Like I said, only good thing is the school district. Besides that, not a good place to live.
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It’s s beautiful area... been living in the area for about 3 years.. awesome environment everyone is friendly
Excellent place to start a family and see your kids grow up
sort of underrated but location is good to other location such as Skokie, Evanston, Chicago, and other suburbs.
I lived in Lincolnwood over 36 years and by far one the best places to live,
Top schools, top Parks, save for families and the closest village to Chicago .
Lincolnwood is a safe, well-maintained place to be brought up in. The high school has good teachers, good sports programs, and the college succes rates are high. The area is clean, the houses are beautiful and it is generally a beautiful place.
Lincolnwood is very family-friendly and full of opportunities! The area is surrounded by and full of many stores, malls, and restaurants. It is more than likely to find a job in Lincolnwood.
I have lived here for over ten years and only a few unsafe incidents have come up. Most all of the neighbors are friendly and kind people. Expensive realestate but it is the suburbs.
I spent my teenage years and most of my young adulthood growing up in Lincolnwood, IL. My family and I resided in Lincolnwood from 1993-2011. I loved living there as it was a safe and friendly neighborhood, great schools, many local mom and pop diners, adjacent to Chicago, as highways are relatively close by.
I have made many friends and still keep in touch with them til this day. I try to visit as often as I can. I love my hometown and grateful I have the fondest memories of my life there.
Lincolnwood is a very safe community and family-friendly. It has everything a small village would require for a happy living.
I love Lincolnwood. There are very nice houses especially on Pratt Ave. It's quiet and its not from Chicago at all. There are nearby schools that are great. Crime level is low. It's also close to the highway and close to popular supermarkets. Very family friendly. I'd live here all my life if I could.
Lincolnwood is very clean, streets are pothole free, there are many many trees that line every street, so many parks, and the recycling bins are huge!
I love this neighborhood. The people are so friendly, they are always lending a hand. I love how the streets of Chicago are still filled with snow, but Lincolnwood has the streets cleaned before I wake up to start my day.
Lincolnwood is a very safe and crime free place. I never had any problems with this neighborhood. The police cars are visible. Every morning, I walk to and from my bus stop safely. The officers are also friendly. If I see an officer, he/she would smile and wave, especially to kids. In my opinion, Lincolnwood is the safest neighborhood.
Lincolnwood is a safe and peaceful place to live. The schools are great and has the best teachers. The is area quiet and has number of parks. Lincolnwood also has a carnival every summer that contains rides, games and foods. Lincolnwood is a safe and relaxing place to be.
I am one of the only people in the area who has a dog.
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Lincolnwood police are always doing their job.
Overall the atmosphere is okay. If I had the option I would move to an area that had better public schools.
Nothing too bad ever happens in the area.
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