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Lincolnshire provides me with one of the best public high schools in America in Stevenson High-School. There are plenty of things to do in Lincolnshire and all of the diverse people and places in the suburb make the environment very pleasing to live in.
It's a nice, average sized town. The schools in the area are excellent, and there's a lot to do in the area.
Lincolnshire is a quiet and beautiful town. It is incredibly safe and friendly and was a wonderful place to grow up. My education has always been exceptional and I credit my teachers for inspiring my future persuits in college.
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Lincolnshire is one of the safest towns I have ever been to. Extremely family friendly, making it the perfect town to raise children. Lincolnshire has a fantastic public High School as well as numerous other elementary and middle schools. Lincolnshire is also filled with fun things to do! Filled with fantastic upscale high end restaurants as well as countless chain fast food joints.
Lincolnshire is A great a great town in the Northern Suburbs of Chicago. It is about forty five minutes away from the city, which makes this town a quiet, respectable and clean town. I have been working in this beautiful and quiet town for three years now and absolutely love the ambience. It is heavily forested and there are always wild animals such as coyotes, deeds, skinks and the occasional wolf roaming around. In Lincolnshire one almost always needs personal transportation to go from one place to their desired destination. Commuting to and fro Lincolnshire, might be an issue for people without a car. My only suggestion for change in this town will be to add more public transportation.
A wonderful place to raise a family. Award winning schools. Parks, trails and fields to exercise and/or play sports. Safe neighborhood. Supportive neighbors. Lacks a "downtown" but plenty of restaurants in town.
I live in a safe neighborhood.
The Chicagoland area is enriched with diversity and culture. Chicagoans are open to trying new types of food and ethnic restaurants have been the trend. The museums and natural landmarks are beautiful. From the Botanic Gardens in the northern suburbs to Lake Michigan. The bike and running paths have increased the desire to participate in healthy activities.
depends onm what field you are looking to go into
several retail units still needs to be updated on Milwaukee. Frequent retail turnover
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