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I cannot asses the quality of other peoples' homes.
I don't go to fitness gyms and I rarely ever go to medical care, so I don't know what it's like. (I wish there was an option earlier for "I don't know," simply because I've never been to those places.)
I'd say that Owasso is relatively safer than Tulsa, but no city is perfect.
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Weather conditions constantly change, and tornadoes are frequent as the cold air from the north and warm air from the south collide with each other. But most tornadoes tend to occur in the OK city area, so it's not too bad. Just pay close attention to the weather and LISTEN to what the weather man tells you to do!
I like that there are a lot of fast food restaurants. However, I don't drink alcohol, so I cannot rate the night life. (I just stay home at night.)
The Owasso shopping area is really convenient; some people come all the way from Tulsa just to shop here.
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