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It's mostly hot. There are cooler seasons but nothing extreme. We don't have real winters p. it's always summer, so you can wear shorts and tank tops year round. Also you can go the the beach year round. However, during the summer it rains all the time.
Everyone is usually born here and stay here, everyone has a pet, and everyone is involved in community events. We are a family oriented community
We have the best beaches
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Most poplar stores include Publix and Wal-mart. There are good local stores such as fresh markets.
Lots of workout facilities and we have a lot of pro athletes in the area, which leads to a very competive atmosphere. Overall I am very physically active in keeping healthy.
Lots of different places to eat, we have the usual fast food chains, Burger King, KFC, etc. We also have local own and ran mom and pop spots that have amazing food. Along with sit down resturants Chili's, Ale House, etc.
Only attract that brings people to this area is the beach.
Very diverse area to live and people are very friendly and helpful.
I would come back to live here because it's a family environment. Everyone knows each other.
Thisarea has mostly low income housing.
Public services are in great proximity and reaction times are average.
There is a lot of transportation options, such as public buses. All stores are in walk able or bicycle distance. There is plenty of parking in all areas.
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