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Limerick Township Reviews

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Limerick is a great family-friendly township. The schools are very good, and the community is very safe.
A great place to live. The police are very kind and understanding and the local people are very nice. its a clean area with many nice things to do with your family.
Limerick is a great town to be from, great high school, great community, and a great place to grow up. It's very safe and I have never once felt unsafe living in Limerick. Although there is not much of a nightlife.
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Very little crime. We leave our doors unlocked.
Overall great surburb of Philly. Need a car to live here and get around. Schools are great and area is becoming more diverse which is good.
Not much crime goes on in this area.
The general atmosphere of this area is extremely friendly and it has progressed over the past 10-15 years immensely. There used to be nothing there, but now there are so many new developments and stores that really make it somewhere people want to have their kids grow up in. This is a slightly above average area compared to other suburbs in America. The future holds much more for this area and I'm excited to see what else develops while I live here. I am so glad my parents chose to live in Limerick, PA.
Diverse neighborhoods to quiet streets
Many community services and activities
I love living in Royersford. There is so much to do, and the Spring-Ford School District is amazing. I couldn't be happier!
Previously there has been some unidentified vehicles with teen drivers parked in our neighborhood near our neighborhood trail leading into the woods and police have been notified about this and did stop it a few times but not permanantly.
This is where I grew up since I was 4 years old so my home is always my safe grounds. I love the atmosphere in my neighborhood; I love seeing little kids playing happily together and neighbors walking their dogs. I would choose to live in a close by town just for the reason that my neighborhood is secluded from my friends that I went to high school with. In the future I can see my neighborhood becoming a better place to love because old folks are moving out and new young families are moving in which makes the neighborhood a more lively place.
There hasn't been any memorable crimes that I have seen
I've lived here most of my life and there aren't that many bad things to say about it
I have enjoyed growing up here
Crime rates are not too high, but nothing's perfect
I have lived in the area my whole life and am glad
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The area is fairly safe and a great place to start a family. However there not many attractions around to visit to pass the time. It would be great to have a variety of attractions for the area to be more appealing.
The health facilities are very expensive for a middle income family.
Could use more outdoor activities in this area with accessibility
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