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Great small town feel with close community of people who help each other out. Good schools with awesome teachers, safe place to live, and football is life. Go Panthers!
This town is very quiet, pleasant, and friendly to all newcomers. There are many local restaurants and plenty of places to live. Traffic is an issue, but it is not terrible. Overall a very nice place.
The schools are rather ordinary, but overall safe and somewhat of a decent education. Liberty Hill is a small town with few restaurants, but is rapidly growing. New housing is constantly appearing, but the population surge is not being kept up with by the town. It's a mix between suburban and rural, and there's both actual ranches with cows and horses and suburban neighborhoods with tenth-acre backyards. Overall a friendly town, with a wide (though not very diverse) community.
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the town is nice but it's too small, we don't even have a mcdonalds, or any other real fast food, all we have is a dairy queen and a chicken express. There is no fun activities in town so I have to drive 30 mins out of town to do anything enjoyable.
Liberty Hill is a small town that does not want to grow and this hurts them because the surrounding city, Leander, has all but one side of Liberty Hill covered and continues to get bigger. This town is filled with houses and storage compartments. The town can also seem narrow minded.
Liberty Hill is a small town that offers limited opportunities and very narrow minds. Growing up in a large city allowed me to see what opportunities were stripped from me when moving into a limited town.
The land is gorgeous! There are houses with land as well as suburbs. The town is cute & quaint. It is Texan country, so there is a mild conservative vibe. The people are friendly & most have a country accent.
It is a nice quiet town, not much happens on the day to day. It is pretty rural, but has been starting to get more urban in the recent years. Most everyone is friendly but they're pretty conservative.
I love Liberty Hill its a small town with a very homey vibe. The town is small and everyone knows each other like family. The sports teams are fantastic and the players are great role-models in the community. Truly I do not with for anything to change to this small town.
Home town country feel. Great place to grow up but you will be thrilled to get out when the time comes.
Liberty Hill appears to be a upscale living enviroment, the school districts for children are rated above average. The enviroment offers a rual feel while, being close to an urban environment.
Pretty good town. Good school system, but it is a long drive into Austin for most jobs. The neighborhoods are generally nice and safe. Many new ones are being built, so there is plenty of growth.
For a prospective resident, Liberty Hill offers a great school district, roomy home lots, and the potential to own your own piece of paradise in a smaller community. Shopping is now only about 15 minutes away, and depending on traffic, a commute to Austin is roughly 45 minutes.
Liberty Hill is a small town in Texas that is growing quickly. It has a great community spirit and small town vibe. Strong schools and great restaurants. Nice neighborhoods. Friendly people. Even though it is booming the town is working hard to keep its small town atmosphere.
As a recent mover to Liberty Hill and a student of Liberty Hill High School, I love the area. The trees and large plots of land are beautiful especially during the sunrise and sunset. The school and community is also very much intertwined and well supported such as sports. The big drawback is that there really isn't much to do in Liberty Hill and the Downtown is in shambles at the moment. Then it takes time to travel to the nearest grocery store and other necessities. Not to mention that, due to construction, there is tons of noise from machinery. However, if you give it time, I'm sure that this small town will soon become a bustling city.
It is a pretty small store. There are not many stores in the area. This one in particular is quaint and has a home feeling to it.
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