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I am excited for the bypass to be developed. I love this small town, but the traffic is terrible sometimes.
This town will stand behind one another and behind its officials. Officials including the county mayor and city mayor. Also, there isn’t as much violence in this small town as there is in some small towns. It seems that “everyone knows everyone” and I think that is mostly a good thing to have in a town.
After having survived 4 years in Lexington/Henderson county, I can honestly say it is THE WORST place I have ever lived. First, its dirty. A fine layer of filth is strewn about the entire county! Styrofoam cups, fast food bags, plastic liquor bottles and the odd assortment of used sex items and full baby diapers adorn this wasteland of mediocrity and fecklessness! A stunning conglomeration of arrogance and ignorance, the citizenry are actually proud of the the fact that there is NOT ONE major restaurant anywhere within Henderson county....NOT ONE. And I wish I was aware of the stranglehold held over the county by a handful of 75/80 y.o. troglodytes who will not let the county progress in any fashion! They rule with iron fists and refuse to let the county grow. This is why no businesses will grow there! Do yourself a favor, and just keep passing thru! EVERYONE who is stuck living there will tell you the same thing....If your not born here, you dont belong here. And their right!
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Lexington is a small town that has city living and country living in equal measure. It can be kind of cliquey, and is hard to get into as a new resident. The schools are mostly sports based as opposed to academics. However, despite it's shortcomings, it is altogether a decent community that can come together in times of difficulty. One example is the sheriffs wife has fallen into extremely poor health and everyone in the town banded together with a BBQ fundraiser to help pay her medical bills.
I believe that Lexington is only good for a certain group of people. It is a small, conservative town. Everyone knows each other, and this means everyone is all over everyone else. The only good I can talk about is the southern hospitatialy that is here.
The police officers are constantly paroling which makes you feel safe in this town. There is no chaos, and very rarely do you hear loud noises.
I wish we had more activity areas for children to be able to attend. Recreational centers would be a good idea. A few bigger restaurants would be a nice addition as well. I would love to see more summer activities and camp programs for children. Educational aspects of the community could be improved with limiting the common core program in public schools.
Lexington is a small town that I have lived in my whole life. It is a great place to be and has lots of friendly people in it. It is very safe to be here and has several stores. Lexington is actually continuing to grow over the years. The only thing I would begin to change in Lexington is our road systems, our town has grown so much over the years that trying to drive through it is a little difficult and could take some time. However, Lexington is an awesome city and a great town to live in.
I've lived here my whole life, and while it's a great town there isn't much to do. Most times when you want to have fun you have to go to the next town over, but if your looking for a nice place to settle down Lexington is a good option.
Lexingto has barely any job opportunities for teenagers. There is no mall which forces familes to go to another town to shop for clothing. Everyone knows your business which is what to expect from a small town.
I would like Lexington to add more food choices, as far as fast food goes. I like that everything is very close in access and all of my family lives here.
While there are plenty of people here and you will likely find some good friends, unless you've grown up here or have family that has lived here for generations, it is hard to find a large group of friends unless you have a lot of money.
Love the school systems in and around Lexington. Small town and very safe. Would like to see the community college expand their programs.
Lexington is a small town, and it is a great place to live because everyone knows each other. The majority of people who live in this town are caring and considerate of others. You can trust your neighbors here, and the community is always helpful!
Lexington is a small town, it's nice in the sense that you have what you need without to many extras being thrown in. You have your basics here and if you prefer that over the over excess of your bigger cities then thi is the town for you. It has times where it's as busy as it's neighboring city of Jackson but without the near constant crime rate, but as a whole it's generally a calm little town.
In short it's a peaceful little town without all the fuss but what it does offer isn't a let down.
Lexington, Tennessee, is a wonderful small town that offers all of the necessary shopping and beyond, nice properties, many activities for individuals and families, opportunities for growth and development, excellent education programs with options for a variety of sports on multiple levels, and so much more all with the genuine hometown hospitality anyone might expect where people can truly enjoy life.
I have only had one experience with crime in this area and the law enforcement showed up in a timely manner and took care of the situation promptly.
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The area is a nice quiet small town. I enjoy the peace and quiet. The main issue is lack of job opportunities, and for this reason I find it to be a difficult place to live.
The Community gets along greatly and peaceful.
The interior could use some work.
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