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Truely not a bad city to live in with today's day and age with all of the inflation going on as well as the significant raising of job unemployment.
It has been really quiet living hear. Back then It was always busy and full with many kids playing around and going outside to play with their friends or go sight seeing. Sadly, due to Covid-19, parents are really restrict in not letting their kids of outside. Though they get a little upset, it for the best that they stay in good health. A couple months later the neighborhoods are little by little starting to become alive but not strong enough. But soon it might be back to where we started again and the covid cases continues to rise out of the blues. Living in this neighborhood, it has taught me that the safety of our next generation and family is very important to keep safe, well and healthy. I love and respect these people, they are kind and friendly. When we see each other, we're not afraid to say hello or how are you doing. It awesome to meet new neighbors as some leave and go on and live in a home. The more the people, the new faces that are seen all around and me smiles to see.
Lexington is a great place to grow up. It has many parks, great places to eat, and wonderful people. The night life is vast in Lexington with the Brewer area of town and then down towns many bars and restaurants, along with local theater.
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ive been staying here for my whole life for the past ten years and this city is great for me and my parents the foods amazing theres horses nice people beautiful city nice houses smart people and theres lots of stuff to do here but theres two things i wish didnt exist here traffic and people pretending to be homeless but lexington is worth a visit
I have been living here for about two years now. Lexington is an amazing and safe city. The residents are very open and kind. The restaurants are great and you can always find something to do around the city.
I give Lexington a 5/5! I was raised here in Lexington and one thing I love about it is how diverse this city is. It is a beautiful city and I highly recommend!
Lexington is a college city, with University of Kentucky is medium sized, and has a pretty landscape,
Lexington is a perfect size for me, small enough to where you're not overcrowded but big enough so that there are things to do. Lexington is home to UK, Keeneland, many bourbon distilleries, horse farms, and a very great variety of foods as well as the nicest people in the United States.
Lexington is great when UK sports are going on in Lexington. The city is very supportive of UK sports. There is not much to do on weekends when there are no sports. There is also only one bowling ally.
I like it here. I moved her from WV for job opportunities. I’m now making it here when I couldn’t in WV.
Small town feel with big city amenities. Low crime, friendly atmosphere. Love the shopping and attractions.
Lexington is not as diverse as it boasts to be. Students around here do not know how to drive well, especially when it rains. Parking is a pain.
I like Lexington because of all the events, things to do socially, and the pretty downtown scenery ! The town is small but not too small you get tired of it very easily.
Generally accepting city in relation to the rest of the state. There are tons of schools, and lots of open green areas. There are many places where people can hang out and share their varied beliefs.
There’s nothing like waking up in your birth city and state in a really comfy bed, and serving your God - not worrying and knowing God wants you to be happy - and getting ready to attend your one of your favorite school. I attended the University of Kentucky and had to withdrawal because I was having seizures. I have been stable for a long time now, and attending the University of Kentucky would quite literally save my soul. I intend on making my mark a little differently than I did the first time. I am a woman of my word, and I am not going to mess it up. I really hope you consider funding a portion of my tuition because I want to earn my spot here on Earth.
Lexington is a great place to live. Everything you could need is close and within a small commute time.
Lexington has been my home for about 5 years now. I think it is a great city to further your education and make a living. Lexington offers both universities and community colleges, which I believe to be important. I think Lexington could improve by encouraging diversification for the city by diversifying the economy and working class.
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Lexington is a beautiful place to live and visit. The huge buildings are wonderful to see at night, and all the water fountains around town leave you with a calming effect. If I could change 1 thing, I would try to build a big place for all the homeless that stand on the corners.
As a minority I can tell you all these reviews are written by non-minorities or minorities who have never been outside of Lexington in their lives. This city is one of the worst places I have ever lived, racism is rampant and the "blue-bloods" turn an eye to it and act like it is heaven on earth. After several years in this racist town I am happy to finally leave. If you are a non-minority then it may be "perfect" but otherwise stay away from this horrible city!
I love lexington because you still get the small town vibe in minutes by going right outside the town but still feel like you are doing big things when downtown. The only thing I would change about lexington is the one way streets downtonw because it can take a minute to get turned back around if you start going donw the wrong road.
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