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Despite it being a little run down, there is a sense of home and community here. There are programs for the less fortunate to have meals daily together. There is a pantry that allows low income women to come and gather food. There is a monthly community bbq held for everyone to enjoy free food together in the center of downtown. Despite so many things that go wrong in this town, everyone knows everyone, we all grew up together. Our parents grew up together. It's almost as though most of the town is your family.
Lewiston is a very friendly town. Not much to do in this town but it is located perfectly to go on an adventure to another town where this is much fun like Portland or Old Orchard Beach.
Lewiston has a high crime rate and some sketchy areas, but it is also home to great amounts of diversity and plenty of parks and experience. There are plenty of gardens, hiking area, and other nature areas, along with good places to eat, play, and have fun. The school systems are not the best and are ranked quite poorly. However, Lewiston is great for seniors looking to retire and has a low living price.
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Nice neighborhoods, kind people. Not a million things to do there, but enough to keep you busy. Schools are of good quality. Some good colleges and universities nearby, or in the city.
I grew up in Lewiston. I have traveled to many other communities and have realized that Lewiston isn't the worst place to live. Although it has a bad reputation it is a generally nice place to live and raise a family.
I love how close Lewiston is to many larger cities, close to many restaurants, shopping and grocery stores, as well as hospitals.
This town has a bad reputation in the state of Maine, but it has so much potential. Lewiston has been slowly evolving where now it has a great educational system, and has police helping troubled youth, and parks are staying clean. The one thing that Lewiston needs to work on is the housing. The state doesn’t give the town enough credit.
Lewiston has a reputation as being full of drugs and very dangerous. However, this is only true for some parts of town, (which on a scale to the rest of the town, is quite a small area.) Although Lewiston is a decent place to live in most areas, the education system has numerous substantial issues, (especially with the elementary and middle schools.) There are so many kids to keep track of that most are overlooked and do not get the help that they may need. Also, there is not very much to do here and the job market is rough. On the good side, the people are relatively nice for the most part.
When I lived on Howard street people would throw their trash on the streets and put food and trash on vehicles. My car was hit in the back while I was parked outside of my apartment, I was inside cooking dinner when a cop knocked on my door. People are loud and rude here. I finally moved to Webster street which is quieter than downtown. The good things about Lewiston would be my nice landlord and my awesome job. I work with individuals with IDD and they are wonderful people. I am earning a degree and cannot wait to move!
Not a lot to do, especially at night. Plus, the school system is very screwy. I am not a fan, and I grew up here.
I grew up in Lewiston and still currently reside there. As with every town, there is an area of low income/poverty where the city is not taken care off, but most of Lewiston is a great place. I was fortunate enough to live in a middle class neighborhood. The city appears to take care of the roads, especially in the winter. I found the schooling is about average. I did not attend schools outside of lewiston, therefore I cannot compare. the high school offers LRTC programs to students, which was in my experience, the only beneficial part of my high school experience.
Lewiston is incredibly diverse. I would like to see the crime rate and tension between cultures seize. Lewiston has so much to offer as well as all of us residents. I have volunteered in the community several times and I know we are all capable of working together for a safer community.
There is a lot of violence in my town of Lewiston right now. There are drugs on every corner and it is not a safe place to live. I feel nervous taking my child out especially at night, and I can't trust anyone.
I have lived here for just about two months now and Lewiston has yet to grow on me. A lot of crime happened up in this small city making me feel unsafe most of the time, I'm always on my guard.
My overall experience in Lewiston, Maine is very great but can have its downsides. I have been a resident for over ten years so I've experienced the ups and downs of this city. The youth is very productive and is inspired to make a change. They take pride in their city and want to get rid of the dirogatory terms used for it.
My school (college) is close by and the apartment I rent is above average (great landlords too. Too much political drama for my liking. I would rather be way out in the country. the real estate market is too pricy for what the wages are here.
Lewiston is growing..they have access to bates college a prestigious academic facility for many decades..the area in Maine as most is beautiful
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It’s a nice city but there isn’t much in the way of entertainment. The biggest problem is that there isn’t a lot to do, especially if you’re new to the city. Otherwise a safe and diverse city.
It has very nice neighborhoods in some areas of the city. Very peaceful and quiet in the day time and at night.
Lewiston can be a dangerous town in certain parts, but it is very small and we have everything we need here.
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