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Levittown is a great place to live. There is a great school system and multiples high schools in Levittown. The are is a nice middle class neighborhood and there is a lot to do.
A lot of people seem to have bad things to say about Levittown, but honestly, I am so thankful to have been born and raised here. We've always had good relationships with our neighbors, the schools are great, and everything you could ever need/want is nearby. I always felt safe here as a kid and had the freedom to ride my bike to the movies/bowling alley/parks with my friends.
Levittown is a small town in the heart of Long Island and it honestly is a very good neighborhood. Almost everywhere you go you'll know most if not all of the people you see. Everyone is so kind and doesn't judge you and everything is close-knit you'll never get lost.
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Levittown is a great town to grow up. Very safe and becoming more diverse. Has public pools and parks, and the schools are very good.
Levittown is the perfect town to start a family. It is very family-oriented, close to shopping centers, has great resources, great school district
A suburban town with Lots of great people, close to everything you could ever want, a really great place to raise kids
Family oriented town, Suburban life Meanwhile close to retail and city life. Schools are great and the town is safe! Very sweet place to live
levittown is a Great place For families and has a ton of potential. The schools are very good and everyone here basically has a good relationship with one another, i would like to see though a little more trendy stores, but other than that its really great
I am living in Levittown since 2006 to now and my husband is living since 1998 to now and we can live anywhere now we are planning to move Kansas City,Kansas but my husband came back after a month we don’t like there I think that is 💯 true once a NewYorker always a NewYorker 😆
We just got into this town 4 months ago as I heard lot of good reviews about the town and which is true becz I found myself. Nice people with good sense of humor. Lot of parks and good school.
I have lived here for a decade and it is very diverse. Our family is mixed. My husband is asian and Im hispanic and my kids are mixed and they are not the only ones in their class. We've made lots of friendships with other mixed families and i have never encountered racism here. My neighbor was jewish old lady who was the sweetest lady in the world. I live across the street from a vet's wife. She has been here since they first build the levit homes and again the sweetest lady you could encounter. I feel so blessed to live in a great neighborhood. You are close to the LIRR-Hicksville and Wantagh
After living in Levittown for over 10 years I can say it's been a mostly positive experience. The biggest drawback is how expensive the cost of living is. However there are many positives to living here. There are very nice public facilities such as the pools and public library. The school system is pretty good as a whole, I feel that most teachers care about what they do. The town is also incredibly safe, I've never felt in-danger at all walking around town.
Levittown is a great town for young children to grow up in. The streets are filled with families and children. The environment is friendly and welcoming. I am proud to call Levittown my town. The school districts are great for all types of children, especially my school district Island Trees. I wish that everyone could grow up in a town like Levittown.
Levittown is a small town on Long Island NY. The greatest thing about Levittown is, that it is almost like the center of the island. Everything you need and more can be located within a 5-10 mile radius. It’s a safe, caring and fun environment with many outdoor activities to do.
Levittown, being the first suburb in America, its grown to be the center of attraction of Long Island. With multiple venues and activities, Levittown will keep you busy for a long time. Great for families looking to grow in a safe area.
I started my adolescents and young adults life here. There are local walking distance social events . Great people.
Levittown is a fun, safe place to grow up and hangout with friends. Although, New York is expensive in itself which makes it hard for people to live here.
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Safe neighborhood and very close to all the essentials. Good schools with great teachers. Not much diversity. Terrible taxes.
I grew up in Levittown and received a great education, I had the opportunity to play every sport and at every level. I made some life long friends doing that and . There are town pools in every direction for residents only and a bowling alley. It's kind of a big town but everyone looks out for each other.
Great community with fantastic schools. High taxes, but on the lower side for Long Island. Commute time into the city is about 1.5 hrs, but the LIRR is not as bad as the NY subway.
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