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It is ok for the most part.
I would not typically choose to live here for the rest of my life. I wiped like moving somewhere with more opportunities.
There isn't much crime in this area, so I don't have to be very worried.
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I don't really like living in a trailer park, so if I had to do this over again I wouldn't. The people tend to keep to themselves, I don't really interact with the neighbors and they do not interact with me.
I've really enjoyed growing up here. It's very nice to be in a good, safe environment.
The area is small town that is desperately trying to grow. As far as things to do and places to visit the State of Michigam hasuch to offer even if my immediate town does not. Michigans unemployment rate had been high but is slowly turning around. The state offers many good universities and colleges but many have had to look elsewhere for employment.
There are always things to do in the summer time for local residents. Tourism is limited and most head to the Upper Peninsula in Michigan for summer time tourism
There has been an increase in crime in the inner city area but in the suburbs seems to be less. The drug use in Jackson County has risen and that has impacted my family but I have chosen not to include that in my life style.
Winters are the only impacting season in Michigan. There have been years of heavy snow and ice. Most frequently there have been frigid temperatures but it minimally impact people and long as they remain prepared and adjust their driving practices to the weather.
There are no up and coming clubs in the area. Family oriented restraunts have a decent selection and the meals are reasonably priced but upper end dining required 30min travel.
For the field I am entering nursing there is a large hospital system with my different job opportunities. If you are not in the medical field the job opportunities in the are are limited. Many people drive 30+ miles to obtain jobs with decent salaries. There are quite a few factories but the entering hourly wage is not much higher than minimum wage.
Jackson Mi provides a wide range of services. As far as the retail shopping we do have 2 small shopping centers. Stores that this area lacks that we must drive 30mins are Forever 21, Macys, Dicks sporting goods, Abercrombie and Fitch, campus den, Old Navy, Apple Store, Bridal shops, furniture stores....the list goes on. As far as choices for dining, Jackson has a wide range of regular dining choice. There are few clubs for entertainment.
Housing is decent but could be better
Many people are not a healthy weight
Companies do not always treat workers fairly
Not a lot to do for teens or children. For adults there are clubs and bars
Crime is at a medium level in my area. I feel safe at my home but not necessarily going out in public alone especially at nigh time.
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no where near enough restaurants in Jackson. Every one is min 45 min wait on weekends. not enough choices.
hard hit area, a lot of people out of work, homes in foreclosure.
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