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Lena is a great small town. The community supports other community members in need, great parks, and a fantastic school system.
Lena is a small town dedicated to its citizens. This town has a homey, welcoming feel that makes you want to pick up and move here. They are dedicated to their community and keeping their town beautiful and full of community spirit.
I've lived here my whole life and I know a lot of the citizens from working at local businesses. The majority of the town is very nice and always says hello, even to people they do not know. I went to the school in town from pre-K to 12 grade and can say that it could be better organized and prepare students a little better. However, there wasn't a single teacher that didn't take time to make sure I understood whatever we were learning.The town is continuing to grow and make itself better. I wouldn't be able to compare my town with many others since I have lived here my whole life. But, I would love to move to a city and experience life there. Even when I leave, I expect this town to still have the same safe, homey feeling it always has to me.
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The people are very friendly, but also extremely religious. This town consists of a bunch of old farmers and your average middle to high class Caucasian, Catholic family. There is little to no ethnic diversity nor is there much acceptance of anyone "different". But overall, everyone is kind.
In this small town, there isn't a bad place to live. No matter where you are, you will more than likely be safe in your home. The cost is much cheaper than big cities, with more space. I love the housing in my town.
There are no busses or trains, or even taxi's in this area. But for the most part, walking or riding a bicycle can get you anywhere fairly quickly. Drivers are very polite and share the roads nicely.
Local businesses are what makes this small town. Without the local businesses, this town would not be as big as it is. There are local antique stores with adorable café's inside. Also, there is a quaint little flower shop that sells way more than flowers. The variety of stores is pretty diverse given the size of the town.
Employment is up in this area. A brewery was just established. We also have more than a handful of restaurants/bars. Included in this small town is a drug store, a clinic, and a bunch of small shops. Included in the town are a few grocery stores and gas stations. The highlight of the town would be the ethanol and meat processing plants. A lot of the business revolves around cattle and crops.
Summer: In the summer, temperatures can get pretty high. When we do get storms, they are loud. Other than the heat, though, summer is pretty nice in our area.

Fall: The fall has a lot of rain and fog. The fog is sometimes frightening to drive in. Fall in this area though is gorgeous. The leaves all change beautifully. Sometimes, we can get a freak snowstorm in the later part of fall.

Winter: If you are looking for snow, I would come to this area. We usually get beautiful snow-covered winters. The downside is that driving in the winter is difficult. The roads get slick with ice and snow, but are usually taken care of and cleaned very well.

Spring: This time of year can be the worst. Between tornadoes and snowstorms, the weather is very unpredictable.
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