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Leesburg is a very cute town with a great downtown area. There are an abundance of cute shops and nice places to eat. The area is still rural but has all the amenities you need. The area seems very safe and I have't had any issues with crime.
I do wish that they would regulate building more. The town has a large amount of old buildings and developers are putting up townhouses that don't fit with the established designs.
Leesburg is awesome. Historic Downtown is great with several shops and restaurants, and it is just a cool place to walk around. The community is very supportive and there are several events put on around the year.
I have lived here my entire life and it is a wonderful, safe place to grow up and raise kids. There are many restaurants and activities for all ages. It is close to D.C. in which many commute to and which is also good for day trips and other tourist activities.
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The safe town of Leesburg located about 45 minutes away from Washington D.C. Leesburg has a downtown area that is filled with restaurants, bars, shops, etc. The town of Leesburg provides a lot of community activities that make being a resident a joyful experience. Leesburg is very safe and an excellent place to have a family. Growing up in Leesburg I learned that public schools are one of the best in the nation. This is an economically stable area where housing is consistently gaining value. A diverse community. A lot of job opportunities as well.
Leesburg is a very suburban town. The most urban part is Downtown Leesburg, especially main street, which is filled with cute little shops and street performances during the first Friday of every month. It is a great place to raise a family, however everything is very spread out so walking is not the best option.
i lived in Leesburg for just about 17 years of my life and it will always be considered home to me. As a young child I was always able to find something to do in the town wether it was with my friends or family. As I got older (more high school age) the town seemed to still be fun and there was a lot more things to do. Throughout my school career in Leesburg I feel that the schools in the area are very great and everyone seemed to really care about making an impact on the student lives.
Leesburg is an overall very safe, welcoming area. It has a perfect blend of rural calm and urban development. Typically the residents of Leesburg are very accepting of any lifestyle and appreciate diversity.
My family has owned a house in Leesburg for over 10 years. We spent 6 of those years living overseas and coming back off and on but have been back permanently for almost 3 years now. I love the neighborhood. I’m close to a Walmart and Wegmans and a Giant. There is a nice movie theater down the road in the Leesburg Village which has just about everything you need in it from entertainment to good to fashionable clothes shopping.
I think its a pretty good definition of affluent suburbia. Feels like a bubble only broken by the chain of commuters shooting out from Route 7. Kind of diverse but feels segregated like most real estate in America.
what I like about leesburg is the scenery and it is really close to washington D.C so if though there is nothing to actually do here you wont be far from where the real fun is
Leesburg is a growing suburb of Northern VA. Great public schools, terrific place to raise a growing family. The job market here is flourishing and there is public transportation if you are not interested in driving into the city.
There are many job opportunities around the area due to the leesburg premium outlet being in the center. In addition, there are many restaurants in downtown leesburg and in the hub of leesburg.
I love Loudoun County. I grew up in Leesburg. It’s a safe place and a sanctuary for IT Business. It’s schools are top ranked in the whole United States. We win an average of 60% of government contracts.
Leesburg is a wonderful small town full of history and good memories. I highly recommend that you visit downtown once, especially during night time because of its beautiful scenery. I do wish that the price would go down for real estate since it's getting more expensive to live in a place like this one.
Wonderful restaurants in downtown (highly recommend The Wine Kitchen and Trinity House Cafe) and good nature trails scattered around. Decent distance from the "big city" D.C. and cow country. Only downside would really be living expenses. Housing is very pricey and many people have a hard time renting/buying a place in the area.
It's a nice town, but there's only so much you can do before you exhaust everything fun about it. Metro is pretty close, so getting to DC isn't a problem. Lots of places to work, all with so-so pay.
My favorite thing about Leesburg is that I always feel safe here. and there is always something to do. However, many people live here so the traffic is sometimes horrible.
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Leesburg is a place like no other. The school system is among the best in the country, the town has historic charm as well as modern amenities, the people are fantastic. The vibe of the town is a historic charm, yet every corner you round you can tell how upgraded it has been.
I really enjoy Leesburg. It has a great sense of community and is definitely family friendly. Everything I need is five minutes away and very accessible. The people are also pretty nice here. I am going to miss Leesburg when I go off to college!
Relatively affluent area, not far from DC so you have access to nightlife and cultural events. Leesburg itself has a homie, old-fashioned Virginia feel but still has access to amenities like many, many restaurants, shops, and movie theaters. Good schools, church communities, and other family resources. Very little crime or anything that made me feel unsafe. Kids I grew up with all were academically focused, played on lots of sports teams and went on to college. Overall a really great place to grow up.
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