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Lebanon is a horribly planned and developed city. The city is one of the largest by size. The downtown is small and lacks things to do. A Burger King sits right next to a historical marker on the square. The city has alot of industries and very few decent neighborhoods. Finally, the police and government is very corrupt and everyone gets their positions due to connections between the branchs. Crime is horrible here regardless to what the Sheriff says. Parks arent well kept and infrastructure is very poor. It really makes me wonder where my tax dollars are going.
Very friendly people all around. Just feels like home. Plenty of places to eat and hang out with loved ones.
We moved here about a year ago and it's an alright place to live. It's a mixture of a small town and a suburb due to its close proximity to Nashville. People are friendly here and it's relatively safe. Now, my main problem is that there's not much to do here. For a city this size, there's not much shopping and entertainment centers. I also wish more restaurants would open up. Lebanon, along with many other cities in this area, are growing fast, so I'm expecting this all to improve. With lots of job opportunities and a great location to Nashville, Lebanon has a lot of potential.
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It is a good town to live in. It is cheap in Lebanon, and it is close to a lot of Tennessee's great cities. It is a little sketchy in parts of Lebanon.
The town is not too crowded. The fairgrounds and exhibition center keep a lot of events going. The city park and state park are great. There is also a good variety of stores.
I love how Lebanon feels like a small little family. With recently experiencing a tornado it was really cool to see everyone come together and help a neighbor, no matter your beliefs, views, or race.
I hate this place.they are racist!!! If u are black please run.that treat black people like salves. Dont come here ,go to Memphis tn if u are black or mixed couple. U get 10 year for a blut. This review on here are lying to u.If u white then this is your place
Growing up in Lebanon was not all that bad, but as I have grown up there has been more crime in this area. A lot of the shopping malls have gone out of business, crime is increasing, and people are moving in rapidly. Lebanon has its ups and downs, but I would not want to call any other town home.
Semi small town and growing. Infrastructure is expanding to accommodate that growth, so that is helping. You really have to travel to Murfreesboro or Nashville to find anything seriously fun or for major events, but even those aren't too far. Cost of living is relatively low, and employment in many fields is really easy to find.
Small town feel. Close to Nashville. Lots to do in the area. Decent restaurants. Plenty of new people to meet everyday.
Went to a hotel with cockroaches and meth microwave. No other hotels available. Went to a parking lot to discuss and the McDonalds across the street got shot up. 3 cop cars and an ambulence came. We had to sleep at a truck stop. Fr*ck Lebanon Tennessee.
I'm Khushi Patel, and I'm from India. It was a very good experience living here. I'm in USA since past two years. I thought it might be difficult to live here after moving from foreign country, but no it's not, people's are so kind and generous. Even if I can't speak English properly, they never laugh at me; instead, they teach me what's wrong and what's right. There are many job opportunities in Lebanon, in fact, my apartment is surrounded by gas station, many restaurants, and many grocery stores. In case if we don't have any ride, we don't really need to worry about that because everything is not so far from here including restaurants, laundry, motels, etc. Affordability- we thought that it might be expensive to live in this city, but we were wrong. every single thing is affordable if we have courage to spend and make money. At last I just want to say that I love staying in here.
It's a good neighborhood, all the popular stores and food chains are close, there's no traffic, emergency services respond pretty fast, the people are warm and the weather is great.
It is a small country town. The people are nice but not very good drivers. I like that it is close to downtown Nashville. I also like that apartment rent is cheaper than most and you can find a cute house to buy for a decent price.
I love Lebanon. It's a small town just outside of Nashville. You aren't far from restaurants, grocery stores, or parks. We have a dog park that connects a walking trail from the community park. It's a great place to hang out with your furry friend. Across the dog park are the Bocce Ball courts. Bring your own balls and have a blast. We have a local movie theater and restaurants. Each with their own unique characteristics. The historic square has several local businesses. Cracker Barrel was even founded here!
I like the small town atmosphere. I feel I belong to the community. Most people are kind and willing to help each other. I love the schools I attended in Lebanon. Parents and staff are very supportive here. I am in the Marching LHS Band and we have a lot of community support.
Lebanon is a quiet, quaint little town with a big southern charm filled personality. It sits just outside of Nashville and hosts one of the largest county fairs in the state now. The town is rich in history and lots of friendly people.
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Lebanon is a semi-big town with a small town feel. The people are kind and the faces are friendly! Many of those who have been here for awhile will always greet others by name. It is a usually quiet town but every now and then the parades bring out the fanfare! We are also growing every day! It seems like you can drive down any road in town and see a new business pop up or beautiful new housing! Lebanon is still growing in nightly entertainment but we aren't but 30-45 minutes from most of the larger surrounding towns and Nashville! What's great about Lebanon is you can have a house in the middle of the country and still be 10-15 mintues from town! Lebanon is a town with a big heart and is always making room for more home grown families!
I have always lived in Lebanon, as it will always be my home town. I have made so many great friendships within this town, and expect to keep them for the rest of my life. Lebanon is beginning to boom, which will be great due to the town being one of the smallest towns in Wilson County. That being said, if I had to change one thing about Lebanon it would be the entertainment. In particular, all this town has to offer is a movie theatre and a bowling alley. Bringing more entertainment to this town would only increase the economic boom. Overall, though I plan on leaving Lebanon, it will always be recognized as home to me.
Neat place, plenty to do, lots of shops, and good distance from Nashville and Murfreesboro. If you want to be close to country life in addition to city life, this is the place.
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